Outreach Programs June thru March 2024

4-H outreach has made its presence in a variety of venues including presenting the Energy of motion at Stockshow, being on a panelist for youth presenting pollinator projects at STEM Launch School, running various activities at Millikin Middle School’s week of Olympics, presenting the Van de Graff generator at Windsor Charter Academy’s Innovation night, presenting Cryogenics at Greeley’s YES Fest, teaching about Energy at CSU’s annual Ag Day, teaching youth about pollinators at Union Colony Elementary’s first Trunk or Treat event, and many others.

If you have a youth who would be interested in attending these programs or if you are a youth organization looking for 4-H to present a program to your youth, please email Patrick Pulis, 4-H Youth Developer and we can send you a list of current locations and times served: ppulis@weldgov.com or (970) 400-2086.

June - Toothbrush Bee Robots

honeybee icon Youth will learn about how bees pollinate and then make their own bees out of a toothbrush and a motor.  Then they will race to see which bee buzzes around the
table and collect the most pollen.

July - Lights Fantastic

electricity icon   Youth will learn about how light works and see all kinds of devices to refract light, and learn about the spectrum of light.

August - Crime Scene Investigation

GettyImages-1312274016 - crime print Youth will try to decipher a crime scene by analyzing teeth marks, DNA, foot prints, handwriting and other pieces of evidence.  They will find out that one of the youth was guilty in committing the crime.

September - Rubber Band Dragsters

racer icon Youth will make drag racers out of coffee cups and rubber bands.  These racers use potential and kinetic energies to race across the floor.

October - Lunar and Solar Eclipses

eclipse icon  Youth will prepare for the lunar eclipse that is coming on October 14, 2023.  The will have hands on activities that explain the phenomenon.

November - Cool Coding

Coding Icon Youth will learn how to duplicate a written code from the Inventor.io program, and connect wires and LED light bulbs to create a circuit, and make the bulb light up.

December - Mathematics and Making

Math icon-new Youth will learn about finding areas of circles and areas under curves like a roller coaster.

January 2024 - Science of Sound

Sound Icon Youth will learn how the science of sound works and explore various objects that make sounds including musical instruments.

February - Feed the Birds

Bird Icon Youth will create their own bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter (or sunflower butter) and birdseed. These will then be hung from trees for birds to eat.

March - Rockets and Orions Belt

rocket icon Youth will be able to explore various types of rockets from straw rockets, water rockets and even meet a day to launch a live rocket in the air.