2024 Scholarship Recognition

This year the Weld County 4-H Foundation has 17 college scholarships available to Weld County 4-H members. Below are the recipients of the 2023 Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarships.

1. Overview

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship Recipients

This year the Weld County 4-H Foundation has 20 college scholarships available to Weld County 4-H members. Below are the recipients of the 2021 Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarships.

2. Kaitlyn Ng

Paul and Jean Hoshiko Memorial Family Scholarship


Kaitlyn is the daughter of Kristine and Justin Reifschneider of Windsor. She is an 8-year member of the Severance 4-H Club and is involved Shooting Sports. She was also involved in baking 101, rabbit, scrapbooking, baking 301 and photography. She is a Senior at Windsor High School and is a member of the Key Club and Knowledge Bowl.

Kaitlyn plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her career goal is to be in chemical engineering to have a challenging and thriving future. Her passions involve math and science, and they are her strongest subjects in school. Kaitlyn’s college choice offers her many research and interning opportunities that she intends to take full advantage of.

Kaitlyn began 4-H in 2012 in Douglas County where she lived until 2014. Shooting Sports has been the most influential project in her 4-H career. In 2018 she applied to be a Colorado State 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador and received a position on the team.

That group has helped her come out of her shell helping her to become more outspoken and braver. She owes it to them for helping her become more involved, and confident in her leadership and public speaking skills. Another aspect was her knowledge of the 4-H program and citizenship skills. She also owes that knowledge of skills to her involvement in the CWF program. She unfortunately was not able to attend the trip due to the pandemic which cancelled the trip.

As a Colorado State 4-H shooting sports ambassador, she helped lead events and workshops at LDC. As club president for two years, she assisted her fellow
4-H’ers in their public speaking and general people skills. She was also the secretary for the Weld County Shooting Sports last year. 4-H has helped Kaitlyn become a better person, teaching her what it means “to make the best better.”

Kaitlyn is the recipient of the Paul and Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

3. Jenna White

Paul and Jean Hoshiko Memorial Family Scholarship


Jenna White is the daughter of Dianna and Josh White of Keenesburg. She is a 9-year member of the Prospectors 4-H Club and is involved in the swine project. She is a Senior at Wiggins High School and was involved in FFA, FBLA, varsity volleyball and fellow Christian Athletes.

Jenna plans to attend the University of Texas-Tyler and is working toward becoming a nursing and health care social worker. A career goal of hers is to be able to get practice in her field of study to ensure she is the best she can be when she starts.

Jenna’s first year of showing swine was in 2012. It was all very new, and she felt she was going in blind but couldn’t wait for the journey to begin. Over the next several years Jenna learned several life lessons and things about the Ag community. Working with siblings can be difficult and can also be rewarding. Some of the leadership skills she gained were competitive excellence, power of the unit and being problem-solution focused. She learned that it is more than ok to ask for help if needed.

4-H over the years has developed her into the person she is today. By being able to represent our community in royalty and competing with and against friends since elementary school is something she won’t take advantage of ever. Jenna wouldn’t know the things she does if it weren’t for being a part of a community who are kind, smart and patient.

Jenna is the recipient of the Paul and Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

4. George Graybill

Beef Excellence Committee Scholarship

"" Charles George Graybill is the son of Kelly and Gerald Graybill of Keenesburg. He is a 10-year member of Prospectors 4-H Club and is involved in Market Beef. He is a Senior at Weld Central High School and is involved in FFA, NHS, track football and link crew. He has held offices such as FFA President, Vice-President, historian, and was the track team and football captain. He was also Vice-President and Secretary in 4-H.

Charles is planning to attend Fort Hays State University in Kansas and his goal is to be a farmer/rancher. His aspiration for the future is to continue to build the family farm and ranch. His intention is to grow the cattle herd as well as increase the amount of farmland in production. One way he is working to accomplish that is by having his own personal cattle herd which he uses to breed cows to produce good marketable calves that he then sells at the sale barn. He also has his own sweet corn business. He raises 5 acres of corn that he plants, waters, weeds, and harvests all by himself. He’s had the pleasure of having his sweet corn sold in the local grocery store and two local restaurants.

When Charles began 4-H at the age of 8, he was just a little kid enjoying his goats with no clue of what he was doing, but he did know that from his first time walking his goat into the show ring, he absolutely fell in love with 4-H and showing. As his time progressed with 4-H, he learned many skills including dedication, organization, respect, time management, financial management, public speaking, and leadership skills. Overall, Charles' time in 4-H has been amazing. Over his 10 years within the organization, he’s made many new friends and learned many new skills, and lessons that will take him far in life. Agriculture is a strong passion in his life and 4-H has cultivated and strengthened that passion.

Charles is the recipient of the Beef Excellence Award Scholarship.

5. Kyle Horn

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

"" Kyle is the son of Cynthia and Darren Horn of Kersey. He is a 10-year member of Boxelder Ag Club and is involved in filmmaking. He also participated in market swine, market goats, wildlife, outdoor adventure and sportfishing. He is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is involved in basketball, student council, FBLA, track and was in the National Honor Society and Cross Country for 2 years. He has held offices as Class President, Student Council President, National Honor Society Co-President and student council treasurer.

Kyle is planning to attend the University of Wyoming and his goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science as he is intrigued by new technology and gadgets. He owns his own 3-D printer where he designs and sells useful parts that can be made in record time. He has worked in the computer related field by working the past two summers at his high school and for the IT department. He reimages, cleans, and reassigns new computers to staff and students around the district. His career goal is to become a software developer.

Kyle started 4-H at the age of 9 when he showed market goats and swine. Showing them taught him to manage his time with school and how to take care of animals. In 2013 he lost his home and show equipment in the flood. During 4-H he fulfilled many leadership roles including assistant secretary, secretary, and Vice-President for his 4-H club. He was also selected to be a youth Ambassador for the Weld County Jr. Livestock Sale. In doing that, he learned how to talk to adults and promote the sale, how to be involved with the sale process and help him with communication skills. Kyle received Grand Champion Overall for his sportfishing project. He created his own custom fishing pole holder for his kayak. He did it using computer software and printed it on a 3-D printer. It took about 8 weeks to design the holder, making exact specs for it. Through many trial and errors, it taught him to be patient and thoughtful of every factor that plays a role in creating his own ideas. That accomplishment meant more to him than just receiving Grand Champion because it taught him to identify a need and develop his own solution using the skills he learned in 4-H.

Kyle is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.

6. Elizabeth Spayd

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship


Elizabeth is the daughter of Kimberly Spayd of Hudson. She is a 12-year member of Wagoneers 4-H Club and is involved in scrapbooking. Some of the other projects she did were market swine, artistic clothing, cake decorating and sportfishing. She is a Senior at Weld Central High School and is involved in FFA, student council, volleyball, NHS, and the Link Crew. She held offices as the FFA chapter executive committee, sentinel, vice-president, district secretary and executive vice-president. For Student Council, she was sophomore vice president, junior president, and executive vice-president.

She is planning to attend Aims Community College to pursue a career as a specialized oncologist. Since 7th grade, she has been interested in the medical field bouncing around decisions on what to pursue, but now her heart is in oncology. The reason for this was due to her father battling cancer. Unfortunately, he lost the battle and that is when she decided that was the field she wanted to go into. It would give her the opportunity to help people that are stuck in a bad situation. One personal goal of hers is to earn her Associates of Applied Science in nursing with a focus on biology and receive licensing to become a registered nurse by the end of the 2023 school year. Elizabeth has taken concurrent enrollment classes while in high school that has helped her finish a few of her general education credits and work towards her goal.

Elizabeth’s cousin convinced her to come to a 4-H meeting as a Cloverbud. She would have never imagined that it would be a program that left such a lasting impact on her life. In the 12 years that she spent in 4-H, she has gained countless leadership skills, learned new citizenship skills and has experienced a large amount of personal growth, along with those, 4-H has allowed her to make an impact on both members around her and the surrounding community. She was a shy little girl who only talked to people she knew. The 4-H program transformed her. The 4-H program has had a large impact on Elizabeth’s life over the past 12 years. Given the chance to go back in time, she would have wanted to join the program much sooner. She has experienced expanded leadership skills, stronger citizenship, and large amounts of personal growth due to 4-H

Elizabeth is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.

7. Olivia Thorn

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

"" Olivia is the daughter of Bridget and Donald Thorn of Gill. She is a 10-year member of High Plains Ag 4-H and is involved in Market Swine. Other projects she did were market goats, decorate your duds and, specialty foods and gardening. Olivia is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is active in FFA, NHS, FBLA, and the Colorado Jr. Swine Association.

Olivia is planning to attend CSU to become a Defense Attorney. Seeing a variety of social injustice issues that have occurred has opened her eyes and allowed her to understand how many people are misrepresented, rural and urban, and need a voice. Olivia grew up watching her brother raise and show market goats at the County Fair, so when she was 8 years old, she began 4-H and that sparked her passion for agriculture. Pigs were the largest and most competitive species shown in the county, so she jumped in with both feet.

She joined CJSA and attended jackpot shows every weekend through the summer. Showing pigs became her sport which created many leadership skills and lifelong opportunities. Besides showing livestock, Olivia found an interest in specialty baking and decorate your duds. She had a community member that mentored her and helped her to be successful while baking. This past summer Olivia hosted urban families. At her house, she invited them into her barn and demonstrated how connect with her pigs. They discussed why she showed pigs and why their humane treatment is of upmost importance. She also showed them the different farm crops nearby, not forcing appreciation, but providing an opportunity to be fascinated. The kids who attended fell in love with her pigs and spent time petting, walking, and washing them.

Through 4-H, Olivia was given many opportunities to meet new people, expand her love for agriculture and develop new interests. 4-H is much more than just livestock and county fairs, it is an organization that has allowed Olivia to break out of her shell and learn many new qualities about herself. It became a safe place for her to share her interests with many peers who share similar fascinations.

Olivia is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

8. Jordan Tomlinson

Weld County 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship

"" Jordan is the daughter of Sarah and Dustin Tomlinson of Eaton. She is a 9-year member of Wyatt 4-H Club and is involved in photography. She is a Senior at Eaton High School and is involved in FFA and FCCLA.

She is planning to attend Laramie County Community College in Wyoming and her career goal is Sonography. From a young age, Jordan knew that she wanted to be in the medical field. Her interest in ultrasound didn’t really spark until she received one herself.  After an extensive amount of research as well as some shadowing, she decided that it was wanted she want to spend the rest of her life doing.  After more research and shadowing, she wants to specialize in OB seeking her Associates in Sonography. Once she graduates and begins working, she would like to pursue her bachelor’s degree in hopes of being able to work her way up in her field.

Jordan began 4-H at the age of 8. Her first project was a steer named Elliott. She showed cattle for a year before expanding her horizons. The 4-H program has changed her life for the better and, has given her experiences and memories that she wouldn’t trade. It has taught her how to be a leader inside and outside of the ring, especially as she has grown older. The younger kids that are just starting out need to have a good example of how they should treat their animals and how they should act - winning or losing. She has learned how to become a good example for them through 4-H and especially through her participation in the Youth Ambassador Program. 4-H has pushed her to her limits, but it has also made her feeling like she is deserving of more that she led herself to believe. This is the last year in 4-H for Jordan and she will cherish the countless memories it has given her. The amazing experience will always hold a special place in her heart.

Jordan is the recipient of the Weld County Fair 100 Celebration Scholarship.

9. Rachel Dumm

Weld County 4-H Family and Consumers Sciences Scholarship

"" Rachel is the daughter of Martie and Richard Dumm of Greeley.  She is a 7-year member of Severance 4-H Club and is involved in Passport to Foreign Cookery.  Among other projects were beef breeding, heritage arts, photography foods and nutrition and horse. She is a Senior at Windsor Charter Academy and is involved in NHS, cross country, basketball, soccer, and tutoring. She was chairman of Public Relations Committee, Chairman of Civics Committee, Secretary of Finance Committee and Captain of WCA High School Girls’ Cross Country, and Basketball.

Rachel is planning to attend the University of Wyoming studying for a career as a nurse. She is planning to pursue a career in nursing by obtaining Her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Wyoming. Ever since she was in elementary school, she has wanted to pursue a career in a medical field. After graduation she would utilize her education in the workplace by applying skills that she learned to different scenarios in the hospital. Over time her education would continue to have an impact on her professional life depending on which levels of degrees she obtains. Nurses are responsible for not only administering medications, but also for helping families, and people cope with illness and death. Nurses are essential to efficient healthcare and Rachel would feel honored to have a career that allows her to work closely with other medical professionals. She also believes that nursing would allow her to build on skills that she has already developed throughout high school.

Rachel’s 4-H career began in 2014 when she joined the Severance 4-H Club.  Over time she grew very close to the other members of the club and, it became more and more easy for her to talk to people and to stand up in front of the entire club. She eventually decided to start running for leadership positions and in 2018 was elected by her club to serve as Vice-President. That required her to learn parliamentary procedure and to be more involved in the club and club activities. She is currently serving as secretary which means that she is responsible for taking notes throughout the meetings and sending emails to the president and club leaders. The leadership positions Rachel held have all helped her grow as a 4-H member and leader in her community. Rachel will be forever grateful for the lessons and opportunities that 4-H has provided her with.

Rachel is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Family Consumer and Science Scholarship.

10. Tanner Baumgartner

Weld County 4-H Agriculture Scholarship


Tanner is the son of Leslie and Curtis Baumgartner of Keenesburg. He is a 13-year member of Prospectors 4-H Club and is involved in Market Swine. He has also done Cloverbud and market goats. He is a Senior at Weld Central High School and is in NHS, football, FFA and wrestling.

Tanner is planning to attend Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction and study Agriculture. Living on the family farm in Weld County has allowed him privileges and hardships that many young people don’t get these days. It has given him the freedom to become his own person by working hard and problem solving through scenarios and has also given him some of the hardships that farming brings. Tanner is wanting to continue his education by studying something that he can bring back positively for the farm. He is torn between welding and agriculture, and thankfully the university he’s chosen offers both programs. He likes working with his hands and the challenges that farm life provides.

Tanner started 4-H as a Cloverbud. When he was 5, he loved the chance to go to the meeting like his big sisters and it was fun to meet a couple of his good friends there with his brother. As he got older, he enjoyed all of what it took to make his animals behave well and have good meat quality. Tanner enjoyed the early morning and late evening walks to exercise his pigs. He learned that you don’t have to have official offices in the 4-H club to make an impact on the club and its members. His schedule didn’t allow for him to be in an officer role but was able to contribute not only to the club activities, but also by being a role model for the younger club members. There is great merit to being positive, knowledgeable of what is going on, and having the purpose to help others. The best things that Tanner won are the things that he has learned. The things like being sure that people can count on you, consistent work is the best work, and looking out for others are all big rewards that can’t be taken away.  It is his responsibility to take these things that he learned and pay them forward by doing the same thing for others.

Tanner is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Agriculture Scholarship.

11. Braden Baumgartner

Dorothy Martin Zabka Memorial Scholarship

"" Braden is the son of Leslie and Curtis Baumgartner of Keenesburg. He is a 13-year member of Prospectors 4-H club and is involved in market swine. He also did Cloverbuds and market goats. He is a Senior at Weld Central High School and is involved in football, wrestling, FFA and NHS. He was also the team captain in wrestling.

Braden is planning to attend Colorado Mesa University working toward his Agricultural Degree. He has been lucky to have been raised the way he was. His dad owns and operates the family farm that they have had for over 100 years and his mom is a teacher at the local high school. The farm life has given him the opportunity to sweat hard but also enjoy the beauty of each day, and he loves to work with his dad and brother on the farm.

It didn’t matter what they were doing, whether it be laying gated pipe or pushing silage in the silage pile, the hard work that they put in was so rewarding and healthy for the soul. That is why he is going to attend Colorado Mesa University and get his degree. It will allow him to learn more current information with the ag industry that he can bring back to positively influence the work on the family farm.

He started 4-H as a Cloverbud. As he grew older, his responsibilities changed, and he began to help his dad out with the farming more. As a regular 4-H member Braden raised, and showed market goats and swine. Looking back, it taught the kids determination to get the job done and flexibility in helping each other out. They also learned what it took to raise happy, healthy meat animals. Although Braden didn’t hold many offices within his clubs, he would like to think that he had become a role model for the younger members. Things learned through 4-H were respecting elders, time management, accepting guidance and showing compassion toward others. 4-H has given Braden a well-rounded experience that he will be forever grateful for.

Braden is the recipient of the Dorothy Martin Zabka Memorial Scholarship.

12. Tayler Hayes

Norgren Family Memorial Scholarship


Tayler is the daughter of Michelle and Michael Hays of Eaton. She was a 12-year member of Wyatt 4-H and was involved in market lamb, breeding sheep, cake decorating, food and nutrition, pre-vet science and a few others. She is a college Senior at Oklahoma State University, currently studying Food Science with a focus in meat science. She will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in May of this year. She will then attend graduate school at Texas Tech University studying meat science with an interest in food safety. Tayler chose this path to study after taking food and fiber in high school as her ag credit her senior year. She learned about the importance of our food industry and the basics of food science. She chose to focus on meat science because she had always grown up in animal agriculture and did meat judging in high school and enjoyed it. Taylor was the reporter for her FFA chapter her senior year of high school and was also a team captain of track and a team leader.

Tayler started 4-H as a Cloverbud when she was 7 and because she was a year younger in 4-H, she was a member until she turned 19. 4-H pushed her to become a leader through club involvement and through her projects. She held various offices in her club over the years that pushed her to be a leader that the younger kids looked up to. She always enjoyed helping the other kids out when she got the chance. Because of 4-H and the leadership Tayler learned there, she was also able to be an officer in other activities she was involved in. She felt that giving back to the community that you live in is very important. Looking back on her 4-H career, it has been nothing but amazing. Tayler was happy that she has been able to keep involvement in 4-H with volunteering and helping the younger youth as well as being a member of Collegiate 4-H.

Tayler is the recipient of the Norgren Family Memorial Scholarship.

13.  Amanda Terrell

Ben Wilson Memorial Scholarship

"" Amanda Terrell is the daughter of Sherry and Dustin Terrell of LaSalle. She is a Freshman at Northeastern Jr. College pursuing a degree in Agriculture Communications and competing on the rodeo team. Amanda is a member of the Northeastern Jr College Rodeo Team, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, NJC President’s Honor Roll, Colorado State High School Rodeo Association, Colorado Rodeo Team, NECO Rodeo Team, FFA, FBLA and the National Honor Society. She has held office as FFA Sentinel, FFA Secretary and NECO Rodeo Club President. This past Summer, she had an internship opportunity where she was able to work for the Team Roping Journal and the Breakaway Roping Journal Magazines.

She was able to listen in on interviews, sort photos, go to the clinics and by the end even able to conduct interviews, and write her own articles. Amanda hopes to pursue a career in the western/rodeo/agricultural industry. She would love to continue working with media, just under a different medium.

Growing up, Amanda was an extremely shy person. She followed in her sister’s footsteps and joined 4-H at the age of 8. 4-H instilled many life skills and a confidence in her that she will use for the rest of her life. When she began her journey, she started out in the horse project. She grew up around agriculture and rodeo, so she was a little out of her element when she tried to show horses the first year. She has always been thankful for all the many people that helped her along her journey and very thankful that now she can give back to others, and be a role model and mentor other kids. 4-H has not only given Amanda a great foundation to start on, but it has grown with her over the years. She will forever cherish the wonderful opportunities, experiences, and memories the organization has given her over the past 11 years and the positive impact it’s had on her life. 

Amanda is the recipient of the Ben Wilson Memorial Scholarship.

14. Hailey Reeves

Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship

"" Hailey is the daughter of Nicole and Ty Reeves of Ft. Collins. She is a 10-year member of Severance 4-H and is involved in market goats. She is a Senior at the Resurrection Christian High School and is involved in Student Council, Volleyball and NHS. She has also held offices as a Freshman and Sophomore Class Representative, and volunteering at food banks.

Hailey is planning to attend Grand Canyon University studying to be a nurse. When she was 13, she had the opportunity to witness the birth of her twin brother and sister, and that was when her life changed and the passion started to grow. The experience sparked a light within her to become a labor and delivery nurse, and she especially has interest in using her nursing degree to assist rural, underserved, and poverty-stricken areas of the state, nation and world in the future. She experienced the power of having the best medical care available and believe that everyone should have access to the same, regardless of their circumstances.

Hailey is grateful for her 4-H career. Of course, the last year of it has been not normal due to COVID, but her 4-H training and life skills have given her the skills, and background needed to be successful. Listening to others is key. Understanding another person’s perspective, even when you don’t agree can help you grow as a person and a leader. Public speaking is important. Being able to articulate thoughts and persuasively explain beliefs supported by facts without fear. Valuing hard work is core to the American dream. She learned to be a servant leader which is someone to look up to and want to be inspired. She also learned to have compassion for herself and others through 4-H. Hailey is proud and prepared to be reaching her dreams for college. She has no doubt that 4-H helped prepare her for this next step as an adult. She will treasure and carry the lessons learned with her. Head, heart, hands, health – 4-H forever.

Hailey is the recipient of the Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship.

15. Amelia Hatch

Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship

"" Amelia is the daughter of Brianna and Elijah Hatch of Kersey. She is a 13-year member of Platte River Ag 4-H and is involved in the horse project. She is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is involved in the volleyball club, and currently plays middle blocker for X-Treme. She is also involved in softball, FFA, NHS and the American Quarter Horse Association. She has held offices such as FFA Chapter Secretary, District 17 FFA President, Platte River 4-H Vice-President and NHS Treasurer.

Amelia is planning to attend Laramie County Community College studying neonatal nursing. She realized her interest in the medical field when she went to a meat quality assurance night and played with the vaccination station. After some research, she realized she wanted to become a nurse. Not just any nurse, but a neonatal nurse. It meant that she would help doctors treat newborn babies that were born or developed health issues. Once graduating from LCCC, Amelia will continue her education at Regis University or online program where she will specialize in neonatal nursing.

Amelia’s journey in 4-H began with Cloverbuds. She participated in a shadowbox project encasing her success as a peewee rodeo champion. That was when the desire to proceed in the organization began. Over the years, she dabbled in other projects such as cake decorating, model rocketry and market swine. Recently she found that she wanted to focus her energy on her horse project and gave it her all. Through her expansion of her project, she also involved herself in many 4-H sanctioned activities and opportunities. 4-H is so much more than project club. It teaches members the importance of having good citizenship, the true meaning of being a leader, and how to grow and expand as an individual.

Amelia is the recipient of the Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship.

16. Dominic Gittlein

Gene Inloes Memorial Livestock Scholarship

"" Dominic is the son of Jolene and Tim Gittlein of Ft. Lupton. He is a 10-year member of Tailtwisters 4-H, and is involved in market and breeding beef, and field crops. He is a Senior at Frederick High School, is academically lettered and involved in CU Gold Program, NHS, and CSU Biomedical Program.

Dominic is planning to attend Kansas State University studying to be a Ruminant Nutritionist. Growing up on a family farm in Weld County has allowed him to experience many different aspects of agriculture. His family raises crops and livestock, and is involved very closely daily with those enterprises. He is wanting to learn about helping to prevent and treat cattle diseases through nutrition which may help to promote consuming beef rather than consumers having a fear of beef because of antibiotics and hormones.

Dominic started his 4-H journey with a bucket calf project. He participated for 3 years in bucket calves, and progressed to a market beef and breeding project his first year as a 4-H member. He began on a small scale with a couple steers that his parents bought from local breeders. He was also thankful that he received a purebred breeding heifer to show. During his showing time, he became interested in livestock judging and joined the team when he was 9. Being a successful judging team member has allowed him to lead younger team members to become a better 4-H member.

Dominic is the recipient of the Gene Inloes Memorial Livestock Judging Memorial Scholarship.

17. Christopher Cinocco

Weld County 4-H Leaders Council Scholarship (High School)

"" Christopher is the son of Theresa and Dean Cinocco of Firestone. He is a 7-year member of Tailtwisters 4-H club and is involved in shooting sports doing archery. He is a Senior a Frederick High School and is involved in the student advisory council, a member of the student activity leadership training and Twin peaks youth flag football assistant coach.

Tanner is planning to attend either CSU or CU to get a degree in Mechanical (Aerospace Engineering) and would like to have a career as a Military Officer Pilot. Six years ago, he set his goal in life and that was to commission as an officer in a branch of the US military and serve his country as a pilot. He is thankful for and respects the freedoms that he has lived under for his entire life. He feels serving is an essential part of his civic duty. He developed a passion for aviation and all things regarding aircraft and air travel. Aerospace engineering combines both his passion for the design of aircraft and the knowledge to fly them. Studying aerospace engineering is tied very closely to mechanical engineering and Tanner sees an opportunity to get a wide variety of knowledge that can be used to better his role as an officer and possibly open other career opportunities.

Tanner began 4-H in the 6th grade walking into the meeting feeling shy, awkward and nervous as the new kid, and not overly excited to be there. The kindness and inclusion have been among the best gifts of belonging to the 4-H community. Over the next 7 years, Archery became his primary focus as he learned and developed a passion for it. It has also led him into leadership roles that have challenged him, and helped him grow as a leader and team member. Tanner’s 4-H journey has been a positive part of his life. The people he has met and that have helped him are special, and he is very thankful for their influence. The community of 4-H is different in that it provides a place for young people to explore interests while also learning to organize projects, and grow into leaders and responsible community members. Sometimes the lessons learned are not so apparent at the time, but the results are realized later in unexpected ways.

Christopher is the recipient of the 4-H Leader’s Council Scholarship (high school).

18. Erin Ellis

Weld County 4-H Leaders Council High School Scholarship (College)

"" Erin is the daughter of Tina and Duane Ellis of Cheyenne, WY. She was a 14-year member of Grover Guys and Gals 4-H and was involved in Cloverbuds, Food and Nutrition, Ceramics and Cake Decorating.

She is a Freshman at Colorado State University studying to be a pediatric oncologist. When she was younger, she wanted to be an elementary teacher like her mother, then the dream changed in Jr. high. Many people asked her if she could make it as a doctor instead, so she did some research. She came to the firm conclusion that it was the route that she wanted to take. She loved problem solving and found the human body fascinating, two components of a doctor. For the next year, she researched the different types of doctors.

She loves children so though she wanted to be a pediatrician, early in her junior year, she had a family member go through cancer and that is when Erin decided she wanted to fight cancer and the best way to do that was to become an oncologist. She is more interested in the pediatric side of it as she wants to be able to comfort and be there for them any way she can.

Erin began 4-H in Kindergarten while participating in Cloverbuds. She became an officer at a young age and continued being an officer during her remaining years. Each office position taught her something different about leadership. The first was reporter which taught her what leadership means. Erin learned that leaders lead by example and not by bossing others around. As treasurer, she learned finances are important and how a club can use it to benefit others. As secretary, she learned it’s important to keep accurate notes so that any disputes can be settled easily. She learned to be a more well-rounded leader as the result of holding several offices and through a variety of experiences. Erin learned the importance of a good day’s work and, how to smile and treat others with kindness no matter what the situation is. 4-H has been a big part of Erin’s life and has taught her many skills that she can use throughout her life.

Erin is the recipient of the Weld county 4-H Leaders Council Scholarship (College).

19. Aubrey Luckeroth

Helmut and Bob Brunner Memorial Scholarship

"" Aubrey is the daughter of Dayna and Adam Luckeroth of Windsor. She is a 7-year member of the Horse Whisperers 4-H and is involved in the dog project and horse project.  She is a Senior at Windsor High School, and is on the swim team and was academically lettered in 2019/2020.  She has also qualified for the Honor Society.

Aubrey is planning to attend CSU and study to become a large animal veterinarian.  The biggest influence for her future field as a large animal vet is her vet Dr. Wendy Gaddis. She has known her since she was a little girl and grew up watching her work on her dad’s horses. As she grew older, she realized that it was the field she wanted to go into. This past Summer Aubrey was able to receive the opportunity to be a non-paid intern at Block and Bridle Veterinary services where she watched over the Dr. and how she ran the clinic.

Aubrey joined 4-H when she was 11 in the dog project with her dog. Being in the dog and horse projects she developed responsibility for taking care of her animals and being on time to activities planned within the project. She was the vice-president of her club and with that responsibility, you oversee helping the president of the club and being a role model. She has applied these leadership skills to her own life as well. In her projects over the years, Aubrey has learned that being respectful to her peers she is showing against, win or lose is very important. Through these experiences, she is grateful to be involved in an extraordinary organization and takes all the skill she learned through 4-H and applies them to the present day.

Aubrey is the recipient of the Helmut and Bob Brunner Memorial Scholarship.

20. Carter Strain

Kenneth and Clarice Benson Memorial Scholarship


Carter is the son of Danielle Thomas of Johnstown. He was a 7-year member of Calico ‘n Jeans 4-H Club and was involved in market cattle. He is a college freshman at Laramie County Community College and is studying Ag Science and EMS certification. His goal is to obtain a degree in Agriculture Business to achieve a position in farm/ranch management and eventually own and run his own full-scale operation. In addition to Ag business, Carter is planning on taking his EMS certification this summer to open the door for employment opportunities within the fire department or EMS service while he continues to pursue his agricultural degree. Carter has never enjoyed reading or writing, his heart is in working with his hands and the land. He chose a two-year program to help reduce expenses, especially since farmers and ranchers are not top salary earners and are in agriculture because they love it, not to become rich.

Carter joined 4-H when he was 12. He joined because he wanted to try something new and make new friends. Throughout his 4-H years, he has had the opportunity to make new and lasting friendships as well as try a variety of new things. To Carter, leadership means being a leader while setting a good example. It means leading alongside others not being a ruler. Citizenship means getting out in his community and doing things to help others. It doesn’t really matter if it is big or small, but even holding a door for someone or lending a helping hand can make a big difference. 4-H has helped him become a better leader and citizen through experience, watching others’ examples and group projects. 4-H has made Carter a more confident individual. It has made him feel like he can set out and accomplish thing he never thought he would have been able to before.  It has also provided him with an opportunity to find his calling in a field that he is passionate about. Being a 4-H member is something he is very proud of. There has always been a positive and supportive response from the community about 4-H members. 4-H has provided Carter with countless learning experiences and taught him many great lessons that he will be able to look back on and use for the rest of his life.

Carter is the recipient of the Kenneth and Clarice Benson Memorial Scholarship.

21. Shelby Tveten

Josh Jarman Memorial Scholarship


Shelby is the daughter of Linda and Owen Tveten of Johnstown. She was a 10-year member of Calico ’n Jeans 4-H Club and was involved in beekeeping, leathercraft, visual arts, clothing construction and heritage arts.  She is a college freshman studying to be a neurosurgeon or ranch manager.  The medical field and agriculture fuel her passion. Both have always been prominent within her life
throughout her activities. Her interest in agriculture has ignited the desire to restore the family cattle business with her father. In addition, she is pursuing a career in medicine in the neurosciences as a surgeon. She has always loved learning about the human body, how it works and the advancements in technology are better able to help people.  Shelby intends to double major in both Ag business and neuroscience at CSU.  Ag has always been a major part of her life especially as a little girl.

Shelby has been involved with the Calico ‘n Jeans club for 10 years. Throughout this time, she has participated in a wide variety of projects, held many offices and have taken advantage of the many
opportunities this organization holds. 4-H has become more than just an extracurricular activity;  It is a lifestyle which made her into the person she is today.   On many occasions, she was asked to describe 4-H. Each time she does she states that is the backbone of her existence. The program has given her opportunities to learn valuable lifelong skills as well as gaining another family. 4-H is not just an agricultural organization, it teaches member how to lead and manage time, organize not only thought but plans, how to find something one is passionate about, as well as teaching qualities needed to efficiently care for an animal, then how to deal with the loss once the animals are sold to the market, and come back for more the next year.  It is inevitable to learn communication skills, how to work with others,
perform public speaking and become confident in ones’ self.  Shelby has loved every minute of her career in 4-H and truly believes that this is one of the most beneficial programs anyone could ever become involved in.

Shelby is the recipient of the Josh Jarman Memorial Scholarship.