T.W. Jackson


Weld County 4-H Alumni

4-H provided a wealth of valuable experiences and connections throughout my time with the organization.

I remember to this day the many public speaking opportunities I had, and how nervous they always made me. But the leaders in the group always helped me to prepare and encouraged me through each engagement, and that has made all the difference to me in my professional life. Little did I know at the time that a large part of my professional career would revolve around influencing and motivating others.

The comfort I feel now speaking in front of groups of all sizes I can trace directly back to those early, nervous days in 4-H. It wasn’t just the opportunity to speak at large events that impacted me, but also learning the process of how to prepare for an audience. 4-H helped me to develop the understanding that every message has to relate to the audience as they are, and speak to them. I learned this lesson and many more from the talented and dedicated leaders in 4-H, and count many of those leaders as friends to this day.