John K. Matsushima

Weld County 4-H Alumni,
Colorado 4-H Hall of Fame

The impact of 4-H club on the future lives of many people no doubt varies but without any doubt I am sure that more positives have exceeded the negatives.

In my particular case, I can say that my life thus far has been a very happy and fruitful one. Ever since my early life, I was fortunate to be involved with 4-H. In being a member of 4-H in Platteville, Colorado, I was fortunate to learn the intricacies of cattle raising. The prize winnings of my 4-H calves enabled me to earn scholarships to enter college to further my education. The knowledge gained from college opened the opportunity for me to be involved in the academic field for more than fifty years. During these years, I had the opportunity to travel the world several times to assist people, young and old, in livestock and food production. Thus, in a small way, I hope I was able to pursue the objectives of 4-H — HEAD, HEART, HANDS AND HEALTH.