Mary Ellen LeBlanc

Weld County 4-H Alumni, Tailtwisters 4-H Leader

I think for me 4-H meant friends and fun when I was a teenager. I met people from all over the county and to this day, still have some great friends that I would never have met had it not been for 4-H. It was an opportunity to learn about things that I would never have done, like show a dairy goat, not something a kid who lived in town really had the thought to do until my best friend introduced me to 4-H.

What it means to me now is that I am proud to be part of an organization that continually promotes kids and their successes, and grooms them to be responsible/respectful adults. “To Make the Best Better” couldn’t be a better statement as that is what 4-H does for our youth. It also still means friends and fun! I have made some great friends as a 4-H leader and a 4-H parent.

4-H helped equip me for life and my career by offering so many programs, projects and activities for me to grow and learn. The adult sponsors and leaders were crucial and instrumental for the choices I have made as an adult.