Autumn Scheopner

Autumn Shoepner

Weld County 4-h Foundation Scholarship

Autumn is the daughter of John Scheopner and Jess Humphries of Greeley.  She is a senior at Greeley West High School and would like to attend either Aims Community College or UNC.  Her career goal is to combine biology and a commercial pilot's license. If she goes to the University of Northern Colorado, Autumn will study Ecology while getting her commercial pilot's license. Then hopefully, she can work for the National Parks Service to transfer animals from one place to the next and study different habitats. If she goes to Aims Community College, she’ll study her general studies before going to a four-year college.

Autumn is a 4-year member of Blazing Clovers 4H Club.  She completed Market Goats twice, cake decorating, and leathercraft. She chose this discipline/project because she felt a spark. She imagined what she could do and how she would do it. For Autumn, archery is about learning a new technique and finding a way to support her life in the future. There are two skills she learned throughout her continual growth in archery. She acquired the skill of patience and following safety protocols. You have to be patient during the course because every person shoots at a different pace. Some will shoot faster; others will shoot slower. You must follow the safety protocol unless you want to end up in the hospital or your privileges withdrawn.  Autumn held the position of Secretary and Reporter in her 4H club. As secretary, she watched the membership grow and tracked the club's growth.  Being a reporter, she took care of officers' duties when they were absent. She shared her experiences as secretary and reporter to her FFA chapter. FFA is part of her school, where she can share her 4H influence. Autumn devised plans to build events and create workshops. As event manager, she took over the responsibilities of other officers. Citizenship is where you contribute something good to your community and do your duties as a person living in that city, county, state, or country. 4H assisted her in taking charge when needed and building confidence to talk to new people.

Autumn is the recipient of the Weld County 4H Foundation Scholarship.