Chuck Sylvester

Weld County 4-H Alumni, Colorado 4-H Hall of Fame

Followed by God and my Parents, 4-H has had a great influence on me throughout my life. As a young boy of 10, my parents signed me up to become a member of the LaSalle 4-H Club. My first project was a red-horned shorthorn steer. Taking care of that animal taught me responsibility, because I knew that animal depended on me for its daily food and overall care.

With the following years there came more steers and heifers, which helped start my small beef herd. Then there was 4-H judging, taught by Virginia Painter and Paul Hoshiko. Their teachings set the way for my learning how to speak in front of an audience and defend my placing of the animals. Most importantly, judging taught me how to make a decision! Sometimes you’re wrong, but – you learn by these mistakes and therefore march forward trying not to repeat them.

Without a doubt, my interest in and fondness for livestock, is what encouraged me to attend Colorado A & M…now known as Colorado State University. This is where I received my undergraduate in Animal Science, followed years later with a master’s in Ag economics. This foundation of formal education and boots on the ground work gave me the opportunity to engage in the truly rewarding job as an extension agent – working with 4-H youth. One good Ag related job led to another, until I was able to enjoy 25 years surrounded with 4-H and FFA youth, and everything else ag related from livestock to beans at the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo.