2024 Leader Recognition List

Six individuals reached significant milestones in their service as volunteer leaders in the Weld County 4-H Program.  We thank all of the leaders for their dedication and work for the 4-H Program.

You can find the 2023 list on the Past Leader Recognition page.

1. Overview

2021 Leader Recognition List

Nineteen individuals reached significant milestones in their service as volunteer leaders in the Weld County 4-H Program, Twelve for 2021 and seven for 2020.  Together, these individuals have given a grand total of 445 years of service as leaders in the 4-H program.  You can find the 2020 list on the Past Leader Recognition page.

2.  Brechen Santeramo

15-Year Leader

"" Brechen has been a leader for 15 years with her primary role being Organizational Leader for Calico N Jeans.  When she first began, there were 8 members enrolled in the club and over her years of involvement she cannot recall the last time it was under 40 youth.  Brechen loves that she can not only teach the youth but have the youth teach her; she has become motivated by their drive and dedication which gives her hope for the future.  She strives to be a role model for all the youth in her club and be a support for all they do.  Outside of 4-H, Brechen is involved with school board, is a music therapist, plays piano and guitar, just to name a few, and loves to read, play with her dogs, and serve others.


3. Corey Rupple

 15-Year Leader


Corey began his leader career 15 years ago when his daughters became involved in the program. From his initial involvement he has since become an Organizational Leader for Prospectors 4-H and group leader for Weld Central CWF. Corey stays motivated by watching the kids grow their skills and work towards their life goals. He has developed many friendships with the families in the program, making friends more like family. Outside of 4-H, Corey is involved in the Farm Bureau and enjoys hunting and fishing, and spending time with his family.

4. Michelle Hays

15-Year Leader

"" Michelle got her inspiration to be a 4-H leader from the great leaders she had as a member.  She has been a leader for 15 years and started as a Cloverbud leader and has since become an Organizational Leader of Wyatt Ag.  As an Organizational Leader, she still holds a passion for Cloverbuds but has also helped with Foods and Nutrition, and Model Rocketry.  For Michelle, being a leader isn’t the same for everyone; she strives to include all members, encourage them to think on their own, and be a listening ear for all.  Outside of 4-H, Michelle enjoys reading, quilting, knitting and, raising chickens and sheep with her family.


5. Mike and Amy Frink

15-Year Leaders

"" Mike and Amy have both been volunteers in Weld County for 15 years.  Amy is currently serving as an Organizational Leader for Wyatt Ag, giving her the opportunity to be a mentor many youth.  Both Mike and Amy are sheep project leaders, recognizing the importance of agriculture in the community.  Mike has also been actively involved in the Jr. Livestock Sale Committee, Livestock Committee, and Fair board.  All three of their children have been through the program, giving more recognition of what the 4-H program has to offer. 

6. Leslie Baumgartner

15-Year Leader

"" Leslie is a 15-year leader in Weld County.  She got her start as being a Cloverbud leader and loved being able to provide learning opportunities for the younger members.  In her time, she has found a passion for the 4-H Dog project but will help wherever needed.  She finds her motivation by helping kids learn and grow in what they are passionate about.  Outside of 4-H, Leslie is involved with wrestling with her sons, and loves doing anything with family, especially being outdoors. 



7.  Bill Stevens

15-Year Leader

"" Bill has been a leader in Weld County for 15 years and began his involvement at a young age she as his mom was also a leader.  He has been a resource leader at the club level and has served as an advisor for the Youth Executive Council for many years.  Bill enjoys working with the youth and watching them grow into young adults during their involvement.  The most important aspect of being a leader is being able to help the youth and the friendships that develop along the way.  Outside of 4-H Bill is involved in Valley High School, Valley FFA, Colorado Farm Show and Demolition Derby Committee. 

8. Tara Dreiling

25-Year Leader

"" Tara has been an active leader of 4-H for 25 years.  When the club leader was stepping down, Tara took charge to take over the role and keep the club going for the future.  As an Organizational Leader of Wagoneers, Tara not only wanted the club to have monthly meetings but to go beyond that with camping, building rockets, working at the Food Bank and organizing their annual Trick or Treat Street.  The experiences, the people, the life-long skills, the memories, teaching to give back and always making the best better are some of the most important aspects of being a leader to Tara.  She says “It doesn’t get better than that.”  Outside of 4-H, Tara is involved with the Keenesburg Fair board and collects Golden Books and Little Women’s items.

9. Larry Rodenburg

30-Year Leader

"" Larry has been a 4-H Leader for 30 years, serving in numerous roles.   Many know Larry as an Organizational Leader for Crow Creek and group leader for Briggsdale CWF.  Larry has taken countless trips with youth to the CWF conference serving as chaperone.  He has also assisted with projects focusing on Woodworking and Electronics.  Larry’s motivation lays in knowing that 4-H has played a part in member’s success and their futures; seeing that 4-H has truly made a difference and had an impact on their lives.  Outside of 4-H, Larry has been involved with Briggsdale Fire Department, church, woodworking, fishing and gardening.

10. Regan Romero

30-Year Leader

"" Regan got his start as a 4-H volunteer when he and Father Peter at St. Peter’s Catholic Church started a community 4-H garden club called The City Slickers.  He has since completed 30 years as a volunteer.  Regan promotes 4-H by reaching out to all people and letting them know that 4-H is not just about Ag projects.  He helped deliver 4-H Tech Wizards at the Rodarte Center and provides a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the Food Booth at County Fair.


11.  Phil Rouse

30-Year Leader


Phil’s 30-year 4-H leader career began when then 4-H Agent, Mark Cronquist, asked if Phil would be interested in leading the Model Rocketry Program when the previous leader retired. It is especially satisfying to watch the kids finish their 10 years in 4-H. In 2014 Phil was the recipient of the Colorado 4-H Raleigh Brooks Outstanding Leader Award. He is currently retired after having spent 30 years in education mostly working in vocational and technical education.

12. Teresa Johnson

35-Year Leader


Teresa has been a leader in Weld County for 35 years with her primary focus being the Horse Program. She is the coach for Horse Bowl and Hippology, Key Leader for the Horse Project, and Superintendent of the Horse Show. Teresa stays motivated by watching the kids grow into amazing and successful adults. She serves as a listening ear to all and has become a role model for many youth throughout her 35 years. Outside of 4-H, she is involved in Appaloosa Clubs, FFA, Church, reading, travel and spending time with her family.

13. Judy Stevens

45-Year Leader

"" Judy Stevens was a 45-year volunteer leader in Weld County 4-H and was known by all.  Her motivation for the youth came from helping good kids stay good and finding the positive in all.  She began her leadership as an Organizational Leader for LaSalle 4-H Club and served as leader for 18 years.  In recent years, she was a resource leader who helped with gardening, cake decorating, and clothing projects, Leader’s Food Booth, and Jr. Leadership Greeley.  In December of last year, Judy passed away and our program truly lost a great and influential leader.