Adelynne Schaffner

Weld County Fair 100th
Celebration Scholarship

Adelynne is the daughter is the daughter of Leanne and Darrin Schaffner of Greeley.  She is a senior and is homeschooled.  She is planning to attend Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY. She chose that school as it was a nice, clean school with a positive feel to it and has an impressive horse facility.  She plans to major in both Animal Science and Agribusiness, although equine and beef cattle are her main interests.

Adelynne is a 10-year member of the New Horizons 4-H Club and will always be grateful for all that she gained by being a part of the Weld County 4-H Club.  She is confident that she will continue to use the knowledge gained from 4-H throughout her career.

Adelynne is the recipient of the Weld County Fair 100th Celebration Scholarship.