Jean Hoshiko Memorial Endowment Fund

The CSU Weld County Extension Office is creating an endowed position to oversee the continued success and stability of Weld County 4-H. Our goal is to raise $2 million to place in an endowment for this position which will guarantee future 4-H programming for Weld County youth.

An investment in 4-H, and in this fundraising campaign, is an investment in today’s youth and tomorrow’s future. Help us continue to grow great Weld County leaders through our 4-H program by donating to this fund. Please find below important information about this endowed position including why it is needed, what the goals of the position are, how the funds used to finance the position will be managed and why your support is needed in this venture.

Picture of Jean HoshikoIn honor of Jean and her dedication to 4-H, and with the support of the Hoshiko family, the Weld County 4-H Foundation renamed the endowed position the Jean Hoshiko Memorial Endowment in December 2013. It is a small demonstration of our admiration for her commitment to ensuring 4-H programs are preserved and made available to Weld County youth for generations to come.


Types of gifts accepted: cash donations, pledges, appreciated securities, property, paid up life insurance policies and others. There are a few ways to make a donation to the Weld County 4-H Endowed Position:

Write a check and mail:
Weld County 4-H Foundation, 527 N. 15th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631
Write a check and bring it to: Weld County Extension Office, 525 N. 15th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631

Giving Levels:
Platinum Clover – ($100,000 and greater)
Gold Clover – ($50,000 – $99,999)
Silver Clover – ($10,000 – $49,999)
Copper Clover – ($1,000 – $9,999)
Bronze Clover – ($1 - $999)

· We greatly appreciate your support of Weld County 4-H.


Each year the Weld County 4-H program teaches 900 youth ages 5 – 18 life skills through research based experiential learning projects through 27 4-H community clubs led by 275 volunteer leaders. Another 4,059 youth participated in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities and learn life skills through school enrichment and after school programs.

Research studies conducted by Colorado State University Extension and Tufts University have documented youth who are 4-H members are more likely than non 4-H youth to: make good grades in school, have a significant adult in their life in addition to a parent, talk more with parent(s) on a regular basis, have a positive outlook on life, be involved in community service projects, manage money wisely and hold leadership positions in their school. 4-H members are also less likely to use drugs or alcohol, smoke cigarettes, damage property, shoplift or be arrested.

Weld County’s population of youth 5 – 17 year olds increased by 38% (46% increase for Latino youth) between 2000 and 2010. It costs $161 per day to place a youth in a Juvenile correctional center compared to $.60 per day for youth to participate in the 4-H program. Three out of each 100 youth in Weld County have been arrested for committing a crime. Youth participation in 4-H is a more effective way to reduce the cost of juvenile crime in Weld County.


· Increase 4-H youth enrollment by 10 percent, and the number of 4-H volunteers by five percent, per year for the next five years.

· Provide 4-H experiences (learn by doing) to a broader spectrum of Weld County’s youth population.

· Teach youth how their food is grown and processed.

· Foster leadership skills in youth.


· By 2014 establish a $2 million endowment fund and hire additional 4-H professional staff.

     Develop a Farm to Table Food education program for youth.

· Develop a 4-H agricultural leadership program in collaboration with industry partners.  

Letter of support from the Weld County 4-H Foundation

The board of directors of the Weld County 4-H Foundation has unanimously voted to support the effort to raise the funds necessary to finance an endowed 4-H position at the Weld County office of Colorado State University Extension.  To read the entire letter download the letter of support from the Weld County 4-H Foundation.  

Letter of support from Keith Maxey, Weld County Extension Director

The 4-H program has been part of Weld County for generations. It has helped hundreds of young people grow into strong leaders — leaders who improve our industries, contribute to our communities and leave a
positive impression on those they meet. It is a valuable program that connects youth to their past while preparing them for their future. It is a program we want to make sure is always available to the kids of Weld County — today and tomorrow.  To read the entire letter download the letter of support from Keith Maxey, Weld County Extension Director.

Letter of support from the Weld County Commissioners

For generations, the Weld County 4-H program has taught leadership skills to youth of all ages and from all backgrounds. The experiences 4-H provides are invaluable and are an important part not only of Weld County’s history but also its future.  To read the entire letter download the letter of support from the Weld County Commissioners.