Outreach Programs January thru May 2023

Outreach Programs-Jan-May 2023

4-H outreach has made its presence in a variety of venues including presenting the Energy of motion at Stockshow, being on a panelist for youth presenting pollinator projects at STEM Launch School, running various activities at Millikin Middle School’s week of Olympics, presenting the Van de Graff generator at Windsor Charter Academy’s Innovation night, presenting Cryogenics at Greeley’s YES Fest, teaching about Energy at CSU’s annual Ag Day, teaching youth about pollinators at Union Colony Elementary’s first Trunk or Treat event, and many others. 

If you have a youth who would be interested in attending these programs or if you are a youth organization looking for 4-H to present a program to your youth, please email Patrick Pulis, 4-H Youth Developer and we can send you a list of current locations and times served: ppulis@weldgov.com or (970) 400-2086.

January - Paleontology

Palentology iconThis program will look into fossils around the earth.  Youth will make their own Dinosaur Fossils.

February - Coaster made by Fire

fire icon  Youth will learn about chemistry and get to use special markers to make their designs and then get to watch how fire makes cool designs on their artwork.

March - Making Lip Balm

honeybee iconYouth will learn about how certain oils, wax and fats have properties that make it great for lip and skin care.

April - Electromagnetism

magnet iconLearn how magnetism and electricity work to make strong magnets using simple items like batteries, wire and a nail.

May - Rockets and Space

rocket icon  Youth will learn about the parts of a rocket and be able to design, and build their own stomp rocket and watch them fly!