4-H Endowment Program January Class

4-H Endowment Program January Classes

By Patrick Pulis

Raw to Finished project Photos

4-H Endowment Program January Class

For the month of January youth around Weld County have been learning how materials begin as raw materials and end up as finished products. They found out how plastics can be created from oil, glass out of sand, lumber out of wood and many other things that we use daily. They even got to make their own craft out of a tree slice. The youth were very imaginative and made things such as owls, bears, cats, turtles and other creations expanding their imagination. They used paints for the body, buttoned eyes and pipe cleaner feet. Thanks to the Endowment Foundation and many generous donors, youth are able to participate in activities that spark their imagination. We strive to provide youth with hands on projects that open their horizons to a creative future. Many youth find this program fun and educational that they get to do things they normally wouldn’t do in the classroom. Next month youth will be exploring the world of Paleontology and making their own dinosaur fossils. These programs are open to the public and are offered at many libraries in Weld County. To find out more contact Patrick at