30 Days Lost in Space Coding Camp 4-H Program #1

30 Days Lost in Space Coding Camp

Coding Kit

Free Coding Camp

Starting February 3rd until March 26th (two days a week Wednesdays and Fridays) we will be having a program that features an introduction to Computer Science. Youth will be “Lost” in space and will need to solve problems to get their ship to work again. With Kits that will be available for pick up (and need to be returned after the program) they will follow instructions from their computer and put together wires, lights, switches and other gadgets. They will be provided a little Arduinos (Circuits) that they will plug things into and write coding programs on their computer to get this circuit to do different things. It sounds hard but remember this is an introductory program that will guide youth step by step in how to do things. I will also be there to support them and help them out.
This is what they will learn:

• How to write C++ code and use the Arduino IDE to program your board
• How to wire your own circuits without breaking any components
• How to create your own security system
• How to save hours of coding by using open source libraries
• Graphic and UI design using an OLED panel
• Game design using embedded engineering
• Steganography and how to encrypt secret messages
• Plus many many more!

The program is limited to 4th graders and older due to the difficulty of the content however we will make a few exceptions.
Youth will need a computer with internet access where they can download a simple program that supports the Arduino. They will need the computer to have a usb port (most computers have this unless you have a very new mac) Please let me know if any of these are an issue for you so we can make accommodations.