Scholarship Recognition

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship Recipients

This year the Weld County 4-H Foundation has 16 college scholarships available to Weld County 4-H members. Below are the recipients of the 2019 Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarships.

Josh Jarman Scholarship

Photo of Madeline PringleMadeline is the daughter of Philip and Becky Pringle of Greeley. She is a 5-year member of High Plains Ag 4-H Club and is currently taking shooting sports. She is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is participating in Knowledge Bowl, Student Council, National Honor Society, High School concert, jazz and marching band. She was also section leader in band and served as co-president in the National Honor Society.
Madeline is planning to attend the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO studying to become a large animal veterinarian. It’s been something she has always dreamed of doing and helping animals. She wants to be able to educate people to better help their own animals. She is going to complete her undergraduate education through Army ROTC and be a veterinarian in the United States Army, taking care of base pets and service animals of all kinds. Madeline entered 4-H in 2014 and going on her fifth year. The project that she focuses on through 4-H is shooting sports. She chose to participate in only one project because she is very involved in other activities in and out of school and she wanted to be able to give her all in the project. She has competed in shotgun shooting sports all five years and loves it. She competed as a junior her first year and the competition was intense. There were a lot of great shooters on the Weld County team and she chose to compete in trap and skeet her first year. After a couple she realized that she really enjoyed the sense of competition. Madeline shot well at the county shoot and headed to state. She ended up shooting sporting clays also as an alternate and shot it for the first time at state. Her first project for the year was a display board about how to pattern your shotgun and how to pick the best shot size/choke for each shotgun discipline. During the next 3 years she pushed herself to get better through focus and perseverance and her passion lies with skeet.

Madeline is the recipient of the Josh Jarman Memorial Scholarship.

Kenneth & Clarice Benson Memorial

Photo of Lindsey LeafgrenPhoto of Lindsey LeafgrenLindsey is the daughter of Denise and Brad Leafgren of Eaton. She is a 13-year member of Country Boots & Skirts 4-H Club participating in a variety of projects and activities including shooting sports, horseless horse, gardening, vegetable crops and Citizenship Washington Focus. She is a Freshman at the University of Wyoming studying elementary education. She is involved in many activities which include National Honor Society, Key Club, Patriot League Choir, Solo and ensemble participant, Troubadours Choir, Bella Vocè Choir, Varsity Tennis, Regional Tennis Champion, among others. Lindsey began college with a different career path in mind than she has now. She started with the intent to get a business degree. However, after taking a variety of business classes, she concluded that it wasn’t the right path for her. She always had a calling to help other people in life and felt as if a business degree was not something that would help her reach her goal. She wanted to study something she new would make a positive impact in the lives of others, so she is now pursuing a degree in elementary education. Once she completes her undergraduate degree, Lindsey would like to teach for a few years then pursue a master’s degree to continue her education so that she can better serve her students.  Her 4-H journey began as a Cloverbud, then became 4-H in 2009. During her first year she completed projects in horseless horse and gardening. Horseless horse allowed her to learn about caring for horses and different breeds in depth, inspiring her to begin riding lessons shortly after the completion of the project. Gardening was also a great entry project for her as both sides of family basted
generation of AG experience. The work commitment that crops demanded also developed discipline within me; between watering them twice a day, pulling weeds and finding creative ways to keep pests from ruining the harvest, she spent countless hours focused on her little patch of land.  4-H citizenship is the knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivation that give youth the capacity to move beyond ones’ individual self-interest and to be committed to the well-being of some larger group. This perfectly describes what Cambrilynn has gained from her years in 4-H. She has been blessed to be a part of the amazing organization and will continue to be a leader in this organization for many years to come.

Lindsey is the recipient of the Kenneth and Clarice Benson Memorial Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Leader's Council

Photo of Fait FetzerFaith is the daughter of Bill and Jennifer Fetzer of Kersey. She is a 10-year member of the High Plains AG 4-H Club and is taking Market goat and market swine. She has also done clothing construction, shooting sports, market sheep and scrapbooking. She is a senior at Platte Valley High School and is in FFA, National Honor Society, volleyball, basketball and the fellowship of Christian athletes. She was the volleyball and basketball captain, 4-H treasurer and secretary.  Faith is planning to attend Brookhaven College in Texas studying to become a radiologist technician. She is choosing this field because she will see something new every day and will be able to help those who are hurt. She would love to be able to help people every day and loves being helpful and feeling needed. She is also very good at calming people down in time of distress so when someone comes in to get an x-ray she would be able to keep them calm. After her general degree, she would like to specialize in mammography. Her long-term goal is to work in a research hospital so that she would be able to help conduct research to further help people.
Faith started out as a Cloverbud and when she was old enough to begin 4-H she started with market goat, market swine, market lamb, clothing construction and scrapbooking. Each year after that she continued with different projects, but her favorites were goats and swine. Not only did she learn that to have success, you must work hard, but she has learned countless lesson because of 4-H. One of the most important things she was taught was that “family is everything”. The money spent on projects, the wins, the late nights spent working with projects would mean nothing unless it is spent with family. 4-H is one way that her family bonds, because of it, they spend more time together and she will cherish the memories that have been made as a family. Another 4-H lesson is patience. Faith has enjoyed helping the younger youth learn about their projects and it has shown her how important patience is. 4-H has done so much for her and she is thankful for all the lessons that were taught.

Faith Fetzer is the recipient of the 4-H Leader’s Council Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Leader’s Council Scholarship

Photo of Courtney PattonCourtney is the daughter of Troy and Dawn Patton of Briggsdale. She is a 14-year member of the Crow Creek 4-H Club and recently became an adult leader for 4-H as she aged out of the youth program. She was involved in Cloverbuds, decorate your Duds, Scrapbooking, Shooting Sports and CWF. She is a Sophomore at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley studying to become a K-12 Special Education Teacher. Becoming a Special Education teacher is her big dream now and it takes a lot to become one. Teachers are in constant demand and a college degree is needed to become one. UNC is known for their teaching program, so it made sense for her to check into attending their university. Her future is going to be teaching students with special needs and along with that comes so many different little rewards. She will be helping children to grow, learn, understand and become who they want to be. Her 4-H career began 15 years ago as a Cloverbud. Over the years she took interest in various 4-H projects. Not only did her disciplines change throughout the next several years, but her projects expanded to become something greater each year. Although she learned a lot about the different techniques and skills needed to do a project, she knew that there was another project out there that would bring out her passion. She found that when she got involved in the Shooting Sports project. Since that time, she loved everything about the project. She branched out through different disciplines and expanded on her fair projects each year. During the nine years Courtney participated in the shooting sports project, she competed in .22 rifle, air rifle, compound archery, air pistol and .22 pistol. She also accomplished various fair projects that required different skill levels. Being a part of Weld County 4-H has allowed Courtney to be very involved in many activities and events throughout the county. Through all of these she has grown to be the person she is today and has established special relationships and made great connections. Upon aging out of the youth program this last year, Courtney has become an adult leader as she wants to give back the exemplary program that gave so much to her.

Courtney Patton is the recipient of the Weld county 4-H Leaders Council Scholarship.

Weld County Fair 100th Celebration Scholarship

Photo of Savannah OwensSavannah is the daughter of Jared and Amanda Owens of LaSalle. She is a 9-year member of Range Runners 4-H Club and is doing the Self-Determined project. She has also done Market goats and market lambs. She is a Senior at Valley High School and is in FFA, National Honor Society, Student Council, Mathletes, Link Crew, Cross Country and, track and field. She was also the FFA Secretary and Vice-President, and Secretary and President in the National Honor Society.  Savannah is planning to attend Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO studying Entrepreneurship and Business Management. She hopes to one day own a business that supports and encourage local agriculture, not-profit organizations and the community. She has been gifted with a passion and appreciation for agriculture and knows that with our growing population and lack of land agriculturists are desperate for an answer to their questions. She wants her future to represent the core values that both the 4-H and FFA organization stand for.
Savannah joined 4-H and started showing goats when she was 8. The first couple of years were very difficult and there were many days that she wanted to quit. She remembers going to the Weld County Goat Extravaganza show with both goats and looking around not knowing anything. She didn’t have any idea how to wash, shear, let alone show her goats. By the end of the show weekend, she was surrounded by nothing but love and support by the show families around her. She placed 3rd in showmanship class and 5th in
market class that weekend. Within 4-H she has been able to gain strong leadership skills and citizenship skills by being a club office and being involved in CWF. She was taught how to speak in front of her club as well as organize and present community service
projects to the club. 4-H has been an instrumental part in making her who she is today. It has presented Savannah with dozens of
opportunities to help her grow as a citizen and as a person. It has given her the passion and appreciation for the local AG community as well as groomed her to be a leader inside and outside of 4-H.

Savannah Owens is the recipient of the Weld County Fair 100th Celebration Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Family Consumer and Science Scholarship

Photo of Mattea KleinMattea is the daughter of Ron and Michelle Klein of Johnstown. She was a 6-year member of Calico ‘n Jeans 4-H Club and participated in Market/breeding rabbits, horseless horse, veterinary science among other projects. She is currently a freshman at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO studying plant and soil sciences which will provide her with an outlet to exercise her passion while also helping other producers prosper in their farming endeavors. She participates in Adams State Agribusiness Club/Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter, Adams State SACNAS Club, and the San Luis Valley CSU Research Center Intern.
Mattea joined 4-H in 2012 after she saw the rabbits at the Weld County Fair. She has always had a passion for rabbits and had 3 at home, but she never thought she could show them. Over the next few years she continued to add additional projects to her roster. She eventually participated in seven different project areas. She had her final season at the 2018 fair, her last chance to prove herself and what she had learned through 4-H. She was called to the stage 4 times at the awards ceremony and was very humbled. That was the final culmination of what she had learned through the program and it made her into what she is today – 4-H. Today, Mattea still thinks about her 4-H memories and how precious they were. All the experiences she had through 4-H has led her to where she is today.

Mattea is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Family Consumer and Science Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Foundation Agriculture

Photo of Shannon KosShannon is the daughter of Kyle and Sarah Kos of Ft. Lupton. She is a 12-year member of the Hudson Shamrocks 4-H Club and she is currently involved in Market/Breeding Goats. She has also done market beef, rabbits, market lamb and restoration. She is a Senior at Weld Central and Aims Community
College. Shannon is involved in the Student Council, National Honor Society, FFA, National Society of High School Scholars and 4-H.
Shannon will be attending West Texas A and M in Canyon, Texas with a career goal of Hostage negotiator and profiler. In recent years she had concluded that her career interest was in profiling and hostage negotiator. To further her knowledge in this career she studied with the FBI in a camp that requires an application process where few people are admitted in. She has also taken her studies to Washing D.C. where she spent a week with the envision program for law. Shannon has also introduced her skills and abilities to the public and has taken place in multiple clubs, organ-izations and volunteering. Each experience broadened her love for criminal justice and for her community and has taught her that hard work leads to success. After attending college at West Texas, A and M, she will be shipped to Quantico for boot camp for the FBI or CIA depending on her preference.  4-H first became a part of Shannon’s development in 2009 at the age of 8. 4-H led her in the direction of leadership
confidence and independence. It has allowed her to excel in many aspects, such as speaking, finance, budgeting, taking on different responsibilities and public representation. Those are the skill that she will carry with her through the rest of her life. Throughout the years of being a part of the 4-H organization Shannon learned public view on livestock as well as different perspectives of judging and critiquing different projects. It is because of this organization that she has learned such vital skills that have and will help her further her abilities.

Shannon Kos is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Agriculture Scholarship

Ben Wilson Memorial

AshlAshley Terrelley is the daughter of Dustin and Sherry Terrell of LaSalle. She was an 11-year member of the Horse Whisperers 4-H Club and was involved in the horse project and market swine. She is a Junior at West Texas A and M University in Texas studying Agriculture Business and Economics. She is involved in FFA, Colorado State High School Rodeo Association, Junior Rodeo Association, Colorado Calf Roper’s Association and many others. She chose to study Ag Business and Economics because she would like to work in pharmaceutical sales someday. Since the business is largely composed of sales, leadership roles and economics, she felt that the major would enhance her abilities.
The Weld County 4-H program helped Ashley get started with her passion for horses. She not only learned a great deal about riding but also a vast knowledge from the Horse Bowl Team. One of her 4-H leaders invited her over a few times a week during the summer and taught her the basics of showing horses. She was fortunate to start out with a very versatile horse to compete in English, Western, Ranch and Speed event divisions and she also competed on him at Rodeos. Being involved in 4-H was a great way to learn skills that are valuable in various areas. The experiences she gained as the Horse Whisperers 4-H Club President taught her leadership as well as parliamentary procedure and experience talking in front of an audience. It taught her the importance in building relationships with others as well as respect and the ability to adapt.
4-H is such a great promoter of community service and Ashley is thankful to be involved in something that makes such an impact in both the community and her life.

Ashley Terrell is the recipient of the Ben Wilson Memorial Scholarship.

Dorothy Martin Zabka Memorial

Photo of Brianna McBrideBrianna is the daughter of Scott and Shani McBride of Severance. She was a 13-year member of the Severance 4-H Club and was involved in dairy cattle, scrapbooking, vet science, dog project and CWF. She was also the Weld County Agricultural Leadership Ambassador. She is a Junior at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa studying food science and dairy science. To combine her two interests, she chose a university with a superior food science department and excellent dairy science program. Surrounded by production agriculture and yet a very diverse student population allows her to gain an insight into both the consumer food world and the dairy producer viewpoint. Her final goal is to own and build her own dairy complete with an on-site creamery, storefront and restaurant for all to enjoy. This not only fulfills her love for dairy cattle and working outside but provides a direct market and a necessary farm-to-table experience.
She takes a trip down 4-H memory lane quite often. She looks back at her previous record books and scrolls through pictures of when she was 4-H. Those pictures and record books remind her of the new struggles of each year as well as the unforgettable times of
happiness. So, to capture her last year in Colorado 4-H and other organizations, she began the scrapbooking project. Her year of “lasts” was one she looks back on and remembers the good, the bads, the ups and the downs. Brianna was inexperienced in scrapbooking, but it was fun to document her entire year and look back on it as the years go on.  Brianna owes all those experiences and opportunities to her family and 4-H. Without them she wouldn’t have spent days in the barn practicing with each heifer or know how to speak professionally in front of a crowd. Looking back on her 13 years in 4-H Brianna wouldn’t trade a single moment for the world. The organization taught her to step outside of the boundaries, work hard, serve others and, most of all, have fun. Thanks to 4-H she feels confident in her own skin where ever she goes and is always ready to take on the world.

Brianna is the recipient of the Dorothy Martin Zabka Memorial Scholarship.

Norgren Family Memorial and Helmut Brunner Memorial Scholarships

Photo of Molly CookseyMolly is the daughter of Jeff and Amy Cooksey of Roggen. She was a 14-year member of the Magic Spurs 4-H Club. She was involved in market/breeding beef, home environment, decorate your duds, foods and nutrition among others. She is a Junior at Colorado State University studying Animal Science. Her career goal is to be a beef promoter or Junior Breed Activities Director. She has decided to add a Food Science/Safety Interdisciplinary minor and a Meat Science Certificate. Her long-term goals after graduation are to continue to grow and develop her own and her family’s cow herd, and to promote physical and mental wellness through exercise and balanced nutrition which includes promoting beef as a healthy protein source and to educate others on the health benefits of meat.  Molly was privileged and excited this last Summer to get to help and be a ring steward at the showmanship, market and breeding beef show at the Weld County Fair. Watching and helping the youth show took her back how 4-H helped her grow and develop into who and how she is today. She is better because of her involvement helped her to learn the importance of hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and enjoying what you are doing because of how you learned to do it. From that, she looked ahead to taking those things and applying them to whatever she chooses to do in college and beyond. Molly on local and county levels for 11 years, showed at Colorado State Fair for 11 years and was a Junior Livestock Sale qualifier for 8 years. She has been blessed with many honors and accomplishments but the one that she treasured the most was ben presented the Mitch Bowman Award for cattle showing sportsman-ship which she humbly accepted as a reflection of her approach to what she did showing cattle and how she related to her fellow 4-H members and friends. Reflecting on her 4-H career, Molly had been so blessed to have gotten to learn lifelong lessons in her projects, been surrounded by very supportive people who unselfishly gave to see her succeed and most importantly, she had developed relation-ships locally, county and statewide and even nationally that let her to so many opportunities in 4-H for which she is thankful.

Molly Cooksey is the recipient of the Norgren Family Memorial Scholarship and the Helmut Brunner Memorial Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

Photo of Camy SeelhoffCamy is the daughter of Fred and Kelly Seelhoff of Greeley. She is a12-year member of the Wranglers
4-H Club and is involved in Visual Arts, Shooting Sports, Model Rocketry and Restoration. She has also done cake decorating, scrapbooking, pocket pets, self-determined and baking. She is a Senior at Valley High School and be-longs in FFA, National Honor Society, band, jazz band and swimming. She was her FFA chapter’s floriculture team captain, co-section leader in band. She is the band’s drum major, the bands student council representative and was color guard captain last year. She is also the co-captain of her swim team.
Camy is planning to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins studying Human Development and Family studies for which she plans on getting her bachelor’s degree in. She also plans on filling the majority of her electives with AG classes to supplement her ability to help members in the AG related projects of 4-H. She then plans to continue her education and earn her Masters’ Degree in Extension.  Megan started as a Cloverbud in 4-H having no idea what 4-H had in store for her. She just knew that she really liked making fun crafts and projects and meeting other youth. As time went by and she went on to 4-H she noticed shifts in her abilities. She started feeling more at ease in front of crowds, made friends easily with new people and developing a good work ethic.  The years, 4-H has taught Camy many lifelong skills and the one that sticks out the most was interviews. Her first time at fair was as a Cloverbud and was so scared having to talk to a stranger about what she made. She learned that it’s so important to act yourself in an interview and the skills helped her with her interview for her job and for fair royalty.  4-H taught Camy great public speaking skills and the ability to stand in front of a crowd comfortably. She was the 2018 Weld County Fairy Attendant and is now the 2019 Weld County Fair Queen. These experiences will benefit her for the rest of her life.

Camy Seelhoff is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Foundation

Photo of Jaren AlbrightonJaren is the son of Troy and Roxanne Albrighton of Gill. He is a 10-year member of Box Elder Ag 4-H Club and is currently participating in Market Swine. He has also done Outdoor Adventure, Model Rocketry and Robotics. He is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is in the Future Business Leader of America-State qualifier and placer. He is also in the National Honor Society and is graduating in the top 15% of his class with a 4.11 GPA.  Jaren plans to attend the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, CO to study Business Administration. He feels that it is a degree that best fits his personality and willingness to learn the ins and outs of businesses.  Growing up, he always had a sense of supervising, but also more than that, he is inspired to help his peers
In a way that can benefit everyone.  Jaren first joined 4-H in 2009. The first year he competed in market swine since that was what his older brother had done, and it inspired him to try it as well. In 2013 he signed up for outdoor adventure and loved it because it was a project that he could go hiking to complete the project. Throughout his time in 4-H, he has grown immensely from doing one project and barely knowing what he was doing, to being able to expand and do multiple projects. Jaren has gained many new personal traits that have helped him grow and succeed as a person. He learned the right way to be a leader, which is not controlling people, but being a leader who is involved with what is going on and encourages others to follow and do the right thing. He has gained amazing personal qualities that has allowed him to give back to his community and inspire others which is a great feeling. 

Jaren is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.

Weld County 4-H Foundation

Photo of Megan MillerMegan is the daughter of Alex and Jane Miller of Brighton. She is 10-year member of the Tailtwisters 4-H Club and is involved in Market/Breeding Beef, Market/Breeding Goat, Market/Breeding Sheep, shooting sports, ceram-ics and leadership. She has also done cake decorating, dog, horse, photography and many others. She is a Sen-ior at a private school and finished all her credit requirements a year early. She wanted to graduate in 2019 to have the opportunity for a scholarship and maintained a 4.0 GPA the last four years of school.
Megan plans to attend the Colorado State University, Texas Tech in Colorado, Texas, studying Agriculture Business Management/Political Policy. She has chosen to stay in the AG field of study going in to college. She would like to get on a livestock and/or meat judging team. She found out that in the last two years how much she enjoys livestock judging. Megan sees herself in the next few years being involved in the local and state government as an advocate for
Agriculture studying to get her Masters in AG Business Management/Political policy while being a part of a great judging team.
Megan did not realize that when she started her 4-H career that she would be here today regretting the end to her 4-H time. She knows that she will continue to be involved with the 4-H program as a leader for the rest of her life. She has held local club offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. She also held several offices on the Youth Exec Council. Before she ends her 4-H career, her dream would be to have an office on the State level. Megan’s leadership skills have grown throughout the hears and she has improved her public speaking, learned what teamwork is and what it truly takes to be a good team mate. She has had a lot of accomplishment through her 4-H years with 2 buckles and ribbons beyond an amount she could count. Her best accomplishments though were the great people that she met along the way and the knowledge that she learned from the people she met through the years. She looks forward to the new chapter in her life and thanks everyone for the opportunities and education that she was given from the 4-H program and the people that cared enough to volunteer their time.

Megan Miller is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.

Paul & Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial Scholarship

Photo of Clay KinnisonClay is the son of Jay and Andrea Kinnison of Grover. He is a 9-year member of the Grover Guys & Gals 4-H Club and is involved in the Horse Project and was in the Weld County Horse Bowl. He is a Senior at the Pawnee High School and is a member of the Wyoming High School Rodeo Association, National Honor Society and the Future Business Leaders of America. He has also been the Reined Cowhorse Director of WHSRA, FBLA Vice President, Student Council President and past Grover Guys & Gals Vice President.  Clay plans to attend Tarleton State University in Texas and his career goal is to be a horse trainer and Ranch operator/owner.  He believes that a college education would provide him with knowledge that would increase his chances of achieving his goals. After researching several agriculture programs and degrees, he believes that studying Animal Science will increase his knowledge about cattle and horses so that he can better his skills to properly to take care of the herd and prepare him to enter the business world.  Clay joined 4-H in 2010 and had no intention of showing at the State Fair in Ranch Horse as he didn’t like it. He had only wanted to do team rope and speed events. His parents had encouraged him to join 4-H to improve his horsemanship skills through the opportunities Weld County 4-H offered in teaching riders about horses. Within a couple of years of showing horses at the county fair, he became addicted to showing in the Ranch Horse classes, because one of the classes involved roping and working cattle. He had a nice mare to show in 4-H, but he was not a good rider. Over time, Clay’s skills grew as a rider and he was able to conquer his goal of winning at the Weld County Fair.

Clay is the recipient of the Paul & Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

Paul & Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial and the Gene Inloes Memorial Livestock Judging Scholarships

Photo of Ashlyn OchsnerAshlyn is the daughter of Ken and Julie Ochsner of Kersey. She is a 10-year member of the High Plains Ag 4-H Club and participated in breeding and market beef. She also participated in Beginning Foods and the Dog project. She is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is the District 17 FFA President. She was also the FFA Vice President and chapter reporter. She is also the Student Council Secretary among many other leadership roles. Ashlyn is planning to attend Texas Tech University to study Agricultural Policy / Ag Lobbyist. While there she plans to get involved with their congressional internship program and work in Washington, D.C. Ashyln has wit-nessed first-hand how much capital, risk, hard work and perseverance it takes to manage a profitable farming and ranching business.
Her aspirations are to receive a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a business emphasis. She would like to work as a legislative assistant for a congressman or senator and secure a position with an ag organization or business on their government affairs/lobby team.
Ashlyn’s 4-H experience began showing her home raised heifer. She was so excited to begin showing cattle and by the end of the year at the Colorado State Fair, she had big goals for her cattle showing future. In the Fall of 2010, she saved enough money selling 4-H market steers at the Weld County Fair to buy her own show heifer. She ended up choosing a heifer by the name of EF Xclusive which would later become the foundation female for her herd.
Through 4-H she has developed leadership and communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making skills. She is also knowl-edgeable about registered cow/calf operations and the beef industry. By being a 4 Weld County 4-H member for 10 years, she learned to be a fierce competitor but also a good communicator and excellent leader. Ashlyn has a desire to achieve and excel in all aspects of her life.

Ashlyn Ochsner is the recipient of the Paul and Jean Hoshiko Family Memorial 4-H Scholarship and the Gene Inloes Memorial Livestock Judging Scholarship.