Outreach Programs Oct 2021 thru Mar 2022

October 2021-March 2022 Programs Flyer

The 4-H outreach programs for the coming months are listed here. These programs are thanks to the Jean Hosiko Endowment Fund. Programs are offered for youth from grades K-12. Programs include an educational element as well as a hands on activity that youth can complete during the program. Each program lasts an hour long and we offer programs at various libraries, schools, and youth centers throughout Weld County. If you have a youth who would be interested in attending these programs or if you are a youth organization looking for 4-H to present a program to your youth, please email Patrick Pulis and we can send you a list of current locations and times served: ppulis@weldgov.com.

October: Spooky Bat Masks

bat mask sized Learn all about Bats and how they are pollinators. Receive a magazine with great info on these fascinating creatures and also color a mask that you can wear.

November: Mason Bee Houses

bee icon Learn about Mason bees and how their solitary nature has them living in interesting places. Youth will paint their own Mason bee house and learn about these unique bees.

December: Winter T-Shirt Making

tshirt Make your own Winter T-Shirt by learning how to use an iron on vinyl and t-shirt of your choice. Decorate your shirt and enjoy wearing it during the winter months.  Youth shirt sizes are needed in advance.

January: Lip Balm

lip balm icon Youth will learn the art of making lip balm and the great process of using oils and fats to take care of their skin and lips.

February: Cryogenics

cryogenics icon Learn about Energy and especially lack of energy at freezing temperatures. Youth will be able to observe from a safe distance the effects of Liquid nitrogen and how they cause frozen flowers to shatter like glass.

March: Ants

ant iconYouth will have the opportunity to learn about ants and take home their own Ant farm.  Limited spots available.