Outreach Programs April thru July 2022

Outreach Programs April-July 2022

The 4-H outreach programs for the coming months are listed here. These programs are thanks to the Jean Hoshiko Endowment Fund. Programs are offered for youth from grades K-12. Programs include an educational element as well as a hands on activity that youth can complete during the program. Each program lasts an hour long and we offer programs at various libraries, schools, and youth centers throughout Weld County. If you have a youth who would be interested in attending these programs or if you are a youth organization looking for 4-H to present a program to your youth, please email Patrick Pulis and we can send you a list of current locations and times served: ppulis@weldgov.com.

April: Wobble Bots

wobble bot iconA wobble bot is one of the coolest robots made out of simple materials like an old DVD, a smoothie lid and some electronic components.  Youth will learn about making simple circuits and all about robots.  The program lasts one hour.  All supplies are included.

May: Van De Graff Electricity

electricity iconCome and learn about how electricity works and the famous Van de Graff Generator that will lift your hair on its' ends and send lightning bolts before your eyes.  This program will be an hour long and teach all about the world of electrons and the history of electricity.  (Not suitable for people with pacemakers).

June: Mars

mars iconCome on an adventure to Mars.  In this program, youth will get to land on Mars (on vinyl mat) and explore.  The will get to build a rover and play a card game, all while learning about this great red planet.

July: Galactic Quest

galactic iconYouth will continue on the space theme and learn how to make a robotic arm and play a board game called Astro Adventure.