Wyatt Wiedeman

Wyatt Wiedeman

Gene Inloes Livestock Judging Memorial Scholarship

Wyatt is the son of Nate and Becky Wiedeman of Eaton, CO. He is an 8-year member of Country Boots and Skirts 4-H Club and is involved in market lambs. He is a Senior at Eaton High School and is in FFA, 400 Points Club, District Rep for Creed Speaking competition and Academics Honors.

He is planning to attend Northeastern Jr. College, Oklahoma State University and his goal is to learn, grow and develop in the ag industry to further the technological advances that have been made in the last several decades, as well as to assist in the sustainability for future generations. He plans to do this while learning and working in the production ad industries of crop management and cattle production.

Wyatt has been fortunate to learn from some of the best farmers and ranchers in the western United States. Seeing their passing for agriculture and life in general has help him to make the decision for his future to also be based in ag. He has been a long-standing active member of 4-h holding Treasurer and vice-president positions within the club. He learned a level of responsibility that will assist him in all aspects of his life. He is grateful for the mentors that helped shape and guide him, reinforcing his career path decision to stay in agriculture. He hopes to make a lasting impact on society through hard work, determination, and perseverance, demonstrating all the positives that the ag industry brings to our world. He will be a lifelong advocate for agriculture. Nine years ago, Wyatt embarked in his first 4-H project of two market lambs. He was grateful to have family who had also learned from and grew up in the 4-H world. The first year was so exciting because of the newness of his project and the friends he got to meet. He was shocked by the magnitude of the competition in their county. The 4-H club had great leaders and older members who were patient and kind who helped Wyatt complete his project. Seeing the competition in the county and having a desire to be my best he sought out information from various industry leaders on what is needed to compete at the highest level. With this knowledge, he made investments in equipment as well as built pens and various items that every year he changed or tweaked in hopes of Improving the final outcome. With his final years of 4-H looming, he’s hoping that his best years are to come. After getting his feet wet that first year, Wyatt realized he wanted to be more active in his club. However, due to the by-laws, officers must be in middle school to hold an office. He was informed of an opportunity to apply to be a youth ambassador for the Weld County Junior Livestock Sale. he was accepted into the program and learned the definition of "dog-tired" that night of the sale. Nonetheless, he had fun and got the opportunities to assist with the production of a such major part of the Weld County Fair, as well as meet some new people. Wyatt was so grateful that he was selected that first year as he has been a member of the youth ambassador team for the last eight years. Spending this much time in that program has given him many leadership opportunities to help guide the younger members and to get them excited and motivated, which in turn makes the sale better for everyone. Along with the youth ambassadors, Wyatt engaged in Livestock Judging. Through livestock judging, he learned new and helpful ways to communicate and organize his thoughts which has in turn lessened his fear of public speaking. He believes these opportunities have provided him the confidence to seek out and be elected to several officer positions not only in 4-H, but in FFA as well. 4-H has opened up his world to various community service projects. Operation Shoebox and Wreathes Across America are two that have immensely changed my life. Wyatt learned compassion and empathy and to honor the service and sacrifices of so many on his behalf. His 4-H career has been a path of doorways, after going through one doorway, there is always something new ahead of him in a new open door. Community service projects like Wreathes Across America and

Operation Shoebox have developed a passion in him to assist others and to shine the light in our world where it is needed most. Wyatt is grateful for these opportunities and looks forward to furthering his passion around these types of events in his community and world.

Wyatt is the recipient of the Gene Inloes Memorial Livestock Judging Scholarship.