Wyatt Patton


4-H Leader’s Council (College)

Wyatt is the son of Troy and Dawn Patton of Briggsdale, CO. He is 12-year member of Crow Creek 4-H Club and was involved in shooting sports and CWF. He is currently a Sophomore at Oklahoma Wesleyan University and is working toward his bachelor’s degree in marketing.

During the last semester Wyatt was given the opportunity to be an intern at Dallas Motor Speedway under their sales department. The internship has the possibility of leading to a full-time job, which he has a very strong interest in. He would also like to own and operate his own real estate business where he buys and rents out properties such as houses and apartments. During the summer of 2021, he knew that he would have to work very hard to try and raise funds for the upcoming school year. Wyatt decided to take on a task that at the time seemed impossible but ended up working very well; he worked three different jobs throughout the summer, which helped to fund his second year at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU). He was able to work at a local country club on the grounds crew, as a shop helper at an HVAC company, and worked for a local rancher on the weekends. While it was stressful and took up a lot of time, he knew that it would pay off in the long run. Although COVID was a slight issue for the students at OKWU, for the most part they were able to attend in-person classes and activities, so as Wyatt continued his education in Oklahoma, he was able to be very involved, not only in school but also within the community. He is on the OKWU men’s basketball team, therefore much of his time is spent in the gym or the weight room for required practices and workouts. He also participates in multiple campus activities which include game nights, intramural sports, and many others. For the fall semester Wyatt was named to the dean’s list, and he has continued to be a part of the top 20% in the business school which places him in a special group called Pareto group. The group is for students that have excelled in the business school. There are many benefits to being in Pareto group which include first chances at internships and jobs, chances to speak with esteemed businessmen and women, and free tuition toward grad school classes in the future, among many others.

During the fall semester Wyatt was given the opportunity to do an internship with the Nascar organization at Dallas Motor Speedway over fall break. The internship gave him great insight into the world of business and just how much work goes on behind the scenes for such a large sporting event such as the Nascar races that were happening that weekend. He says that getting the chance to do that internship gave him knowledge and experiences that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. He has recently been offered the opportunity to begin taking grad school classes, and start toward the journey of receiving his MBA, the second part of this spring semester while still taking classes in his undergrad program and working toward his bachelor’s degree in marketing and is planning to pursue the opportunity.

Wyatt is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Leader’s Council (College) Scholarship.