Jordan Sidwell

Jordan Sidwell

Weld County Fair 100th
Celebration Scholarship

Jordan is the son of Tyrel and Kaycee Sidwell of Eaton, CO. He is a 9-year member of Country Boots and Skirts 4-H Club and is involved in Market/Breeding beef. He also participated in market/breeding goats and rocketry. He is a Senior at Eaton High School and is in basketball and football. He is also the basketball team captain.

Jordan is planning to attend Kansas State University or CSU. His career goals are a work in process. His ultimate goal would be to run his own business and assist others by managing entrepreneurship endeavors. Right now, he’s thinking of majoring in Business Administration to direct him down that path, but also minor in Agricultural Business and a specialty in sports management. He would like to incorporate business, agriculture and sports/athletics in his future career or careers.

Growing up on a farm that was deeply grounded in the Ag industry, he watched his family run a diversified business every day. Ag is not always a reliable or easy way to make a living, but it’s a rewarding way of life. By watching his family cultivate a business gave him a passion to have his own and manage others entrepreneurship endeavors. He was admitted into both colleges and is currently trying to decide which one to attend.

Jordan’s 4-H career was born from a project he was anxious about beginning in his first year. He came from a long line of generations of showing in the cattle industry. He grew up on stories of his great-grandfather riding on boxcars with his cattle to how them in stock yards like the Denver National Stock Show. He wanted to continue the legacy and was excited to show cattle, but it also scared him. He learned to care for his animals on a daily basis, teaching them to lead and to trust him. Over the years, having his livestock projects has taught him life lessons of hard work, consistency and staying the course even on hard days. Every project he has taken in 4-H has made an impact on his life. He gained courage from taking the beef project, patience with his got projects and to explore, and expand his knowledge while doing rocketry. Over the years Jordan enjoyed being a part of a 4-H club, which he’s been a Vice-President and Reporter. He liked interacting and mentoring the younger kids. He feels as an older 4-Her that is part of what makes 4H great is being able to give back to help younger generations learn. 4-H helped him get involved in his community in helping families in need and honoring the military with Wreaths across America.

Jordan is the recipient of the Weld County Fair 100th Celebration Scholarship.