Jessica Bond

Jessie Bond

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

Jessica is the daughter of Don and Lynn Bond of Kersey, CO.  She is 9-year member of the Box Elder Ag 4-H Club and is involved in market/breeding swine.  She is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is involved in National Honor Society, Student Council, FFA and Class Vice-President


She is planning to attend Laramie County Community College studying to be an embryo transplant vet.  Her plans for her future college education are to go to a junior college for the first two years and earn an undergraduate degree in pre vet science. She then plans on transferring to a four-year college; hopefully CSU or MSU. There Jessie plans on studying biology/anatomy.  After she gets her bachelor’s degree she would then go to veterinary school. However, if veterinary school doesn’t work out, she has a backup plan with her biology degree to pursue a career as an agricultural biologist.  Either after or during school she plans on job shadowing and interning at different veterinary offices to gain on the job experience and learn how a clinic is ran. Her parents run a hog operation raising natural Berkshire pork. As long as she can remember she has been outside working and helping out wherever was needed.  When Jessie was younger, she helped with little tasks such as running gates and cleaning pens but now she enjoys administering vaccines and aiding sows in the farrowing processes. She has had experience with doctoring animals just on our farm her whole life but never in a veterinary, so shadowing would be extremely beneficial towards her professional career.  Jessie plans to put her education, communication skills, and problem-solving skills towards becoming an embryo transplant veterinarian. She has known she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a six-year-old. Farrowing has been her favorite part about on living on a farm because she gets to help bring new lives into this world and it is such a fascinating process. Experiences like these helped her realize that the reproduction field is what would like to further study. Jessie would ideally like to specialize in large animals but is open to dogs and cats as well. Eventually she would like to have her own business and be able to travel to

different dairies, large productions farms, and racehorse facilities.  Overall, she would like to find a more efficient and safe way to better the

agriculture field.


4-H has allowed Jessie to meet and make new connections with a lot of amazing people. The value of community service is another thing that she learned thought her time in 4-H. She learned that the service that she did for 4-H projects directly had a positive effect on others’ lives and that she is making a difference. 4-H has taught her many things that are hard to find anywhere else that she will carry with her in her future education and career throughout her life.


Jessie is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship.