Hailey Reeves

Hailey Reeves

Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship

Hailey is the daughter of Nicole and Ty Reeves of Ft. Collins. She is a 10-year member of Severance 4-H and is involved in market goats. She is a Senior at the Resurrection Christian High School and is involved in Student Council, Volleyball and NHS. She has also held offices as a Freshman and Sophomore Class Representative, and volunteering at food banks.

Hailey is planning to attend Grand Canyon University studying to be a nurse. When she was 13, she had the opportunity to witness the birth of her twin brother and sister, and that was when her life changed and the passion started to grow. The experience sparked a light within her to become a labor and delivery nurse, and she especially has interest in using her nursing degree to assist rural, underserved, and poverty-stricken areas of the state, nation and world in the future. She experienced the power of having the best medical care available and believe that everyone should have access to the same, regardless of their circumstances.

Hailey is grateful for her 4-H career. Of course, the last year of it has been not normal due to COVID, but her 4-H training and life skills have given her the skills, and background needed to be successful. Listening to others is key. Understanding another person’s perspective, even when you don’t agree can help you grow as a person and a leader. Public speaking is important. Being able to articulate thoughts and persuasively explain beliefs supported by facts without fear. Valuing hard work is core to the American dream. She learned to be a servant leader which is someone to look up to and want to be inspired. She also learned to have compassion for herself and others through 4-H. Hailey is proud and prepared to be reaching her dreams for college. She has no doubt that 4-H helped prepare her for this next step as an adult. She will treasure and carry the lessons learned with her. Head, heart, hands, health – 4-H forever.

Hailey is the recipient of the Harriet Leafgren Memorial Scholarship.