Erin Ellis

Erin Ellis

Weld county 4-H Leaders Council
Scholarship (College)

Erin is the daughter of Tina and Duane Ellis of Cheyenne, WY. She was a 14-year member of Grover Guys and Gals 4-H and was involved in Cloverbuds, Food and Nutrition, Ceramics and Cake Decorating.

She is a Freshman at Colorado State University studying to be a pediatric oncologist. When she was younger, she wanted to be an elementary teacher like her mother, then the dream changed in Jr. high. Many people asked her if she could make it as a doctor instead, so she did some research. She came to the firm conclusion that it was the route that she wanted to take. She loved problem solving and found the human body fascinating, two components of a doctor. For the next year, she researched the different types of doctors.

She loves children so though she wanted to be a pediatrician, early in her junior year, she had a family member go through cancer and that is when Erin decided she wanted to fight cancer and the best way to do that was to become an oncologist. She is more interested in the pediatric side of it as she wants to be able to comfort and be there for them any way she can.

Erin began 4-H in Kindergarten while participating in Cloverbuds. She became an officer at a young age and continued being an officer during her remaining years. Each office position taught her something different about leadership. The first was reporter which taught her what leadership means. Erin learned that leaders lead by example and not by bossing others around. As treasurer, she learned finances are important and how a club can use it to benefit others. As secretary, she learned it’s important to keep accurate notes so that any disputes can be settled easily. She learned to be a more well-rounded leader as the result of holding several offices and through a variety of experiences. Erin learned the importance of a good day’s work and, how to smile and treat others with kindness no matter what the situation is. 4-H has been a big part of Erin’s life and has taught her many skills that she can use throughout her life.

Erin is the recipient of the Weld county 4-H Leaders Council Scholarship (College).