Collin Ochsner

Collin Ochsner

Beef Excellence Committee Scholarship

Collin is the son of Kevin and Julie Ochsner of Kersey, CO. He is a 10-year member of High Plains Ag 4-H Club and is involved in market/breeding beef and horse. He has also participated in shooting sports. He is a Senior at Platte Valley High School and is in FFA, National Honor Society, Student Council, FBLA, and Beef Show and Sheep Show Manager.

He is planning to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX and his goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a minor in agribusiness and be on a National Champion Collegiate Ranch Horse Team. Another goal is to learn more about riding and training reined cow horses. After graduation, he hopes to get a job working for a progressive cow/calf operation, feed yard or stocker operation. He believes the experience of getting away from home and learning how people raise livestock and crops in another part of the country will prove beneficial to him as he pursues his ultimate goal of owning and operating a commercial cow/calf and stocker/backgrounding operations. He hopes to one day serve as a board member of organizations that serve both the cattle industry and his community. Growing up on a farm and ranch, Collin learned the value of hard work, personal responsibility, accountability, and continual learning. Growing up on the family operation not only fueled his passion for ag, but his involvement in 4-H inspired his love for leadership community service and mad a huge difference in his personal growth. It enabled him to discover additional passions and develop new skills by introducing him to projects he never would have considered when he first joined 4-H. It provides great opportunities to develop communications and leadership skills through demonstrations, club activities and office positions. From his early years in 4-H livestock judging to annual demonstrations, he developed his speaking and communication skills, he also had the opportunity to serve as president for three years and treasurer for one year in his club. 4-H also reinforced the importance of community involvement and community service.

Over the past ten years, he participated in a variety of community service projects. 4-H helped Collin confirm his passion for the cattle business and taught him some valuable business lessons. Because his family runs a registered cow/calf operation, it was only natural for him to show breeding beef and market calves in 4-H. He learned how to select and purchase high quality animals from our operation and gained a lot of appreciation for the hard work it takes to feed, break, wash, fit and show cattle. He also learned business skills and the importance of making wise investments. While Collin won a variety of awards showing cattle, he’s most proud of winning the Mitch Bowman Sportsmanship Award at the Weld County Fair. Over his ten years in 4-H, he’s been on both ends of incredibly competitive cattle classes and has tried to discipline himself to be a humble winner and a gracious loser. This award meant a lot to Collin as it’s more reflective of his character than the attributes of his show animals and was voted on by his fellow exhibitors. Another benefit of his 4-H experience was that it also helped him discover new passions and interests. When he was fourteen, a friend encouraged him to take the horse project and participate in the Weld County 4-H Ranch Horse Show. The first year he borrowed his dad’s ranch gelding and fell in love with the ranch horse events. The following year Collin used some of the money he saved selling 4-H calves in the junior livestock auction to purchase a five-year-old mare from the CSU Legends of Ranching Sale. His early 4-H horse experience shaped his future in a significant way as he plans to compete as a member of the ranch horse team at Texas Tech University.

Collin is the recipient of the Beef Excellence Committee Scholarship.