Christopher Cinocco

Christopher Cinocco

4-H Leader’s Council
Scholarship (high school)

Christopher is the son of Theresa and Dean Cinocco of Firestone. He is a 7-year member of Tail twisters 4-H club and is involved in shooting sports doing archery. He is a Senior a Frederick High School and is involved in the student advisory council, a member of the student activity leadership training and Twin peaks youth flag football assistant coach.>

Tanner is planning to attend either CSU or CU to get a degree in Mechanical (Aerospace Engineering) and would like to have a career as a Military Officer Pilot. Six years ago, he set his goal in life and that was to commission as an officer in a branch of the US military and serve his country as a pilot. He is thankful for and respects the freedoms that he has lived under for his entire life. He feels serving is an essential part of his civic duty. He developed a passion for aviation and all things regarding aircraft and air travel. Aerospace engineering combines both his passion for the design of aircraft and the knowledge to fly them. Studying aerospace engineering is tied very closely to mechanical engineering and Tanner sees an opportunity to get a wide variety of knowledge that can be used to better his role as an officer and possibly open other career opportunities.

Tanner began 4-H in the 6th grade walking into the meeting feeling shy, awkward and nervous as the new kid, and not overly excited to be there. The kindness and inclusion have been among the best gifts of belonging to the 4-H community. Over the next 7 years, Archery became his primary focus as he learned and developed a passion for it. It has also led him into leadership roles that have challenged him, and helped him grow as a leader and team member. Tanner’s 4-H journey has been a positive part of his life. The people he has met and that have helped him are special, and he is very thankful for their influence. The community of 4-H is different in that it provides a place for young people to explore interests while also learning to organize projects, and grow into leaders and responsible community members. Sometimes the lessons learned are not so apparent at the time, but the results are realized later in unexpected ways.

Christopher is the recipient of the 4-H Leader’s Council Scholarship (high school).