Aubrey Luckeroth

Aubrey Luckeroth

Helmut and Bob Brunner
Memorial Scholarship

Aubrey is the daughter of Dayna and Adam Luckeroth of Windsor. She is a 7-year member of the Horse Whisperers 4-H and is involved in the dog project and horse project.  She is a Senior at Windsor High School, and is on the swim team and was academically lettered in 2019/2020.  She has also qualified for the Honor Society.

Aubrey is planning to attend CSU and study to become a large animal veterinarian.  The biggest influence for her future field as a large animal vet is her vet Dr. Wendy Gaddis. She has known her since she was a little girl and grew up watching her work on her dad’s horses.  As she grew older, she realized that it was the field she wanted to go into. This past Summer Aubrey was able to receive the opportunity to be a non-paid intern at Block and Bridle Veterinary services where she watched over the Dr. and how she ran the clinic.

Aubrey joined 4-H when she was 11 in the dog project with her dog.  Being in the dog and horse projects she developed responsibility for taking care of her animals and being on time to activities planned within the project. She was the vice-president of her club and with that responsibility, you oversee helping the president of the club and being a role model. She has applied these leadership skills to her own life as well. In her projects over the years, Aubrey has learned that being respectful to her peers she is showing against, win or lose is very important. Through these experiences, she is grateful to be involved in an extraordinary organization and takes all the skill she learned through 4-H and applies them to the present day.

 Aubrey is the recipient of the Helmut and Bob Brunner Memorial Scholarship.