Aaron Ehrlich

Aaron Ehrlich

Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship

Aaron is the son of Larry and Michelle Ehrlich of Greeley, CO. He is a 10-year member of High Plains Ag 4-H Club and is involved in shooting sports, air pistol and archery. He has also done gardening and dogs. Aaron is a Senior at Frontier Charter Academy and, is in track and field. He was also on the speech and debate team and the Academic Decathlon.

Aaron plans to attend Cedarville University in Ohio and would like to get his undergraduate molecular biology degree and then go to medical school to study neurology, eventual to become a neurosurgeon.  Aaron has wanted to go into the medical field for most of his life. When he was in middle school, he really liked when they did dissections in science class and has been very interested in the way that the body functions ever since. He didn’t know what type of medicine he wanted to study until 8th grade when we were able to dissect a sheep's brain. This is what solidified his interest in the medical field and his wanting to study neurology. In the summer between his freshman and sophomore years, Aaron was selected to attend a medical camp with NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum); he chose to attend camp in Chapel Hill, South Carolina. It was at this 10-day camp where they learned about various medical professions, basic first aid & CPR, how to do a medical examination (using a high-tech dummy), and basic suturing and intubating skills. They also visited a few colleges and heard from several medical experts. At one of the colleges, they dissected a cow heart (which he thought was very cool). This experience intrigued Aaron and made him think about possibly wanting to pursue a career as a cardiac surgeon. The best part of the entire camp was when they were able to watch a surgery that was live streamed from a different state. This was the thing that got me interested in the surgery part of the medical field and not just the study of a specific field. Since then, he has been focused on excelling academically to prepare for the rigors of college; working part-time to earn money for college; and staying involved in my church youth group, 4-H activities, and school track team. Aaron has also looked into shadowing a surgeon (who is a family friend) and hopes to gain more medical exposure before he graduates and heads out to attend Cedarville University this Fall to study molecular biology in their pre-med program.

Aaron has been in 4-H for eleven years, and through most of it, he participated in shooting sports, as well as one year in the dog project (training our golden retriever), and two years of gardening. He’s done archery every year and air pistol sporadically throughout. For the first two years of my 4H career, he did a poster board for his gardening project and very basic poster boards for my shooting sports project. The poster board for his gardening project in his second year received a grand champion at both the Weld County Fair and State Fair. As he continued with shooting sports, he graduated to making smaller woodworking projects that would help me in shooting, such as a pellet board to keep track of which targets, he had shot or a block-rest to set my pistol on when shooting bench position. In his fourth year of 4-H, he added the dog project, and since then, he’s only participated in shooting sports projects. After learning some basic woodworking skills from his father and from Industrial Arts Club at school, Aaron was able to enlarge his 4-H project. In 2020, he was commissioned by Tim Seltzer to make 5 bow rests for the Galeton and Ft. Lupton ranges. One thing that Aaron has learned over the years is that it doesn’t take that much time to help others a lot. For example, helping at the food bank for a few hours affected many different families. He also saw this in the community service that he did outside of 4H, including the hurricane flood relief that he did with my youth group, the home building project he was able to do in Texas on a church mission trip, a yearly church charburger fundraiser that raised money to buy rice for people in India, and helping process shoeboxes yearly (at the Samaritan's Purse warehouse in Denver) that would be sent to children all over the world. One of Aaron’s biggest accomplishments in 4-H was qualifying for the national shooting sports competition two years in a row for air pistol. In order to qualify for the national competition, you have to place in the top four at the state competition and can only go one time for each discipline. The first year that I qualified, the national competition was canceled due to the pandemic, and he had to qualify again the next year in order to make it again. He was able to qualify for the National Shooting Sports Competition in 2020 with three of his Weld County teammates and was able to go to Nebraska in 2021 and represent Colorado for air pistol. Our team placed in the top five each day of competition and got third place for the overall competition. He has been close to making it to Nationals for archery, with tenth place being his highest placing at the Colorado State competition.

Aaron is the recipient of the Weld County 4-H Foundation Scholarship and the Judy Stevens Memorial Scholarship.